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package dbus

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/util/dbus"

Package dbus provides an injectable interface and implementations for D-Bus communication


Package Files

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type Call Uses

type Call interface {
    // Store returns a completed call's return values, or an error
    Store(retvalues ...interface{}) error

Call represents a pending or completed D-Bus method call

type Connection Uses

type Connection interface {
    // Returns an Object representing the bus itself
    BusObject() Object

    // Object creates a representation of a remote D-Bus object
    Object(name, path string) Object

    // Signal registers or unregisters a channel to receive D-Bus signals
    Signal(ch chan<- *godbus.Signal)

Connection represents a D-Bus connection

type Fake Uses

type Fake struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Fake is a simple fake Interface type.

func NewFake Uses

func NewFake(systemBus *FakeConnection, sessionBus *FakeConnection) *Fake

NewFake returns a new Interface which will fake talking to D-Bus

func (*Fake) SessionBus Uses

func (db *Fake) SessionBus() (Connection, error)

SessionBus is part of Interface

func (*Fake) SystemBus Uses

func (db *Fake) SystemBus() (Connection, error)

SystemBus is part of Interface

type FakeConnection Uses

type FakeConnection struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

FakeConnection represents a fake D-Bus connection

func NewFakeConnection Uses

func NewFakeConnection() *FakeConnection

NewFakeConnection returns a FakeConnection Interface

func (*FakeConnection) AddObject Uses

func (conn *FakeConnection) AddObject(name, path string, handler FakeHandler)

AddObject adds a handler for the Object at name and path

func (*FakeConnection) BusObject Uses

func (conn *FakeConnection) BusObject() Object

BusObject is part of the Connection interface

func (*FakeConnection) EmitSignal Uses

func (conn *FakeConnection) EmitSignal(name, path, iface, signal string, args ...interface{})

EmitSignal emits a signal on conn

func (*FakeConnection) Object Uses

func (conn *FakeConnection) Object(name, path string) Object

Object is part of the Connection interface

func (*FakeConnection) SetBusObject Uses

func (conn *FakeConnection) SetBusObject(handler FakeHandler)

SetBusObject sets the handler for the BusObject of conn

func (*FakeConnection) Signal Uses

func (conn *FakeConnection) Signal(ch chan<- *godbus.Signal)

Signal is part of the Connection interface

type FakeHandler Uses

type FakeHandler func(method string, args ...interface{}) ([]interface{}, error)

FakeHandler is used to handle fake D-Bus method calls

type Interface Uses

type Interface interface {
    // SystemBus returns a connection to the system bus, connecting to it
    // first if necessary
    SystemBus() (Connection, error)
    // SessionBus returns a connection to the session bus, connecting to it
    // first if necessary
    SessionBus() (Connection, error)

Interface is an interface that presents a subset of the godbus/dbus API. Use this when you want to inject fakeable/mockable D-Bus behavior.

func New Uses

func New() Interface

New returns a new Interface which will use godbus to talk to D-Bus

type Object Uses

type Object interface {
    // Call synchronously calls a D-Bus method
    Call(method string, flags godbus.Flags, args ...interface{}) Call

Object represents a remote D-Bus object

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