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package normalizer

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/util/normalizer"


Package Files

markdown.go normalizer.go

func Examples Uses

func Examples(s string) string

Examples normalizes a command's examples to follow the conventions.

func LongDesc Uses

func LongDesc(s string) string

LongDesc normalizes a command's long description to follow the conventions.

type ASCIIRenderer Uses

type ASCIIRenderer struct {
    Indentation string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ASCIIRenderer is a blackfriday.Renderer intended for rendering markdown documents as plain text, well suited for human reading on terminals.

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) AutoLink(out *bytes.Buffer, link []byte, kind int)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) BlockCode Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) BlockCode(out *bytes.Buffer, text []byte, lang string)

BlockCode renders a chunk of text that represents source code.

func (*ASCIIRenderer) BlockHtml Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) BlockHtml(out *bytes.Buffer, text []byte)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) BlockQuote Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) BlockQuote(out *bytes.Buffer, text []byte)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) CodeSpan Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) CodeSpan(out *bytes.Buffer, text []byte)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) DocumentFooter Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) DocumentFooter(out *bytes.Buffer)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) DocumentHeader Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) DocumentHeader(out *bytes.Buffer)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) DoubleEmphasis Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) DoubleEmphasis(out *bytes.Buffer, text []byte)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) Emphasis Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) Emphasis(out *bytes.Buffer, text []byte)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) Entity Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) Entity(out *bytes.Buffer, entity []byte)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) FootnoteItem Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) FootnoteItem(out *bytes.Buffer, name, text []byte, flags int)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) FootnoteRef Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) FootnoteRef(out *bytes.Buffer, ref []byte, id int)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) Footnotes Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) Footnotes(out *bytes.Buffer, text func() bool)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) GetFlags Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) GetFlags() int

func (*ASCIIRenderer) HRule Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) HRule(out *bytes.Buffer)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) Header Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) Header(out *bytes.Buffer, text func() bool, level int, id string)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) Image Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) Image(out *bytes.Buffer, link []byte, title []byte, alt []byte)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) LineBreak Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) LineBreak(out *bytes.Buffer)
func (r *ASCIIRenderer) Link(out *bytes.Buffer, link []byte, title []byte, content []byte)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) List Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) List(out *bytes.Buffer, text func() bool, flags int)

List renders the start and end of a list.

func (*ASCIIRenderer) ListItem Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) ListItem(out *bytes.Buffer, text []byte, flags int)

ListItem renders list items and supports both ordered and unordered lists.

func (*ASCIIRenderer) NormalText Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) NormalText(out *bytes.Buffer, text []byte)

NormalText gets a text chunk *after* the markdown syntax was already processed and does a final cleanup on things we don't expect here, like removing linebreaks on things that are not a paragraph break (auto unwrap).

func (*ASCIIRenderer) Paragraph Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) Paragraph(out *bytes.Buffer, text func() bool)

Paragraph renders the start and end of a paragraph.

func (*ASCIIRenderer) RawHtmlTag Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) RawHtmlTag(out *bytes.Buffer, text []byte)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) Smartypants Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) Smartypants(out *bytes.Buffer, text []byte)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) StrikeThrough Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) StrikeThrough(out *bytes.Buffer, text []byte)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) Table Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) Table(out *bytes.Buffer, header []byte, body []byte, columnData []int)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) TableCell Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) TableCell(out *bytes.Buffer, text []byte, align int)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) TableHeaderCell Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) TableHeaderCell(out *bytes.Buffer, text []byte, align int)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) TableRow Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) TableRow(out *bytes.Buffer, text []byte)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) TitleBlock Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) TitleBlock(out *bytes.Buffer, text []byte)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) TocFinalize Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) TocFinalize()

func (*ASCIIRenderer) TocHeader Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) TocHeader(text []byte, level int)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) TocHeaderWithAnchor Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) TocHeaderWithAnchor(text []byte, level int, anchor string)

func (*ASCIIRenderer) TripleEmphasis Uses

func (r *ASCIIRenderer) TripleEmphasis(out *bytes.Buffer, text []byte)

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