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package oom

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/util/oom"

Package oom implements utility functions relating to out of memory management.


Package Files

doc.go oom.go oom_fake.go oom_linux.go

type FakeOOMAdjuster Uses

type FakeOOMAdjuster struct{}

type OOMAdjuster Uses

type OOMAdjuster struct {
    ApplyOOMScoreAdj          func(pid int, oomScoreAdj int) error
    ApplyOOMScoreAdjContainer func(cgroupName string, oomScoreAdj, maxTries int) error
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

This is a struct instead of an interface to allow injection of process ID listers and applying OOM score in tests. TODO: make this an interface, and inject a mock ioutil struct for testing.

func NewFakeOOMAdjuster Uses

func NewFakeOOMAdjuster() *OOMAdjuster

func NewOOMAdjuster Uses

func NewOOMAdjuster() *OOMAdjuster

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