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package slice

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/util/slice"

Package slice provides utility methods for common operations on slices.


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func ContainsString Uses

func ContainsString(slice []string, s string, modifier func(s string) string) bool

ContainsString checks if a given slice of strings contains the provided string. If a modifier func is provided, it is called with the slice item before the comparation.

func CopyStrings Uses

func CopyStrings(s []string) []string

CopyStrings copies the contents of the specified string slice into a new slice.

func RemoveString Uses

func RemoveString(slice []string, s string, modifier func(s string) string) []string

RemoveString returns a newly created []string that contains all items from slice that are not equal to s and modifier(s) in case modifier func is provided.

func SortStrings Uses

func SortStrings(s []string) []string

SortStrings sorts the specified string slice in place. It returns the same slice that was provided in order to facilitate method chaining.

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