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package tolerations

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/util/tolerations"

Package tolerations provides utilities to work with pod spec tolerations.


Package Files

doc.go tolerations.go

func AreEqual Uses

func AreEqual(first, second api.Toleration) bool

AreEqual checks if two provided tolerations are equal or not.

func AreTolerationSecondsEqual Uses

func AreTolerationSecondsEqual(ts1, ts2 *int64) bool

AreTolerationSecondsEqual checks if two provided TolerationSeconds are equal or not.

func ConvertTolerationToAMap Uses

func ConvertTolerationToAMap(in []api.Toleration) map[key]api.Toleration

ConvertTolerationToAMap converts toleration list into a map[string]api.Toleration

func EqualTolerations Uses

func EqualTolerations(first []api.Toleration, second []api.Toleration) bool

EqualTolerations returns true if two sets of tolerations are equal, otherwise false it assumes no duplicates in individual set of tolerations

func IsConflict Uses

func IsConflict(first []api.Toleration, second []api.Toleration) bool

IsConflict returns true if the key of two tolerations match but one or more other fields differ, otherwise returns false

func MergeTolerations Uses

func MergeTolerations(first []api.Toleration, second []api.Toleration) []api.Toleration

MergeTolerations merges two sets of tolerations into one it does not check for conflicts

func VerifyAgainstWhitelist Uses

func VerifyAgainstWhitelist(tolerations []api.Toleration, whitelist []api.Toleration) bool

VerifyAgainstWhitelist checks if the provided tolerations satisfy the provided whitelist and returns true, otherwise returns false

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