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package azure_dd

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/volume/azure_dd"


Package Files

attacher.go azure_common.go azure_common_linux.go azure_dd.go azure_dd_block.go azure_dd_max_disk_count.go azure_mounter.go azure_provision.go doc.go

func ProbeVolumePlugins Uses

func ProbeVolumePlugins() []volume.VolumePlugin

type DiskController Uses

type DiskController interface {
    CreateBlobDisk(dataDiskName string, storageAccountType storage.SkuName, sizeGB int) (string, error)
    DeleteBlobDisk(diskUri string) error

    CreateManagedDisk(options *azure.ManagedDiskOptions) (string, error)
    DeleteManagedDisk(diskURI string) error

    // Attaches the disk to the host machine.
    AttachDisk(isManagedDisk bool, diskName, diskUri string, nodeName types.NodeName, cachingMode compute.CachingTypes) (int32, error)
    // Detaches the disk, identified by disk name or uri, from the host machine.
    DetachDisk(diskName, diskUri string, nodeName types.NodeName) error

    // Check if a list of volumes are attached to the node with the specified NodeName
    DisksAreAttached(diskNames []string, nodeName types.NodeName) (map[string]bool, error)

    // Get the LUN number of the disk that is attached to the host
    GetDiskLun(diskName, diskUri string, nodeName types.NodeName) (int32, error)
    // Get the next available LUN number to attach a new VHD
    GetNextDiskLun(nodeName types.NodeName) (int32, error)

    // Create a VHD blob
    CreateVolume(name, storageAccount, storageAccountType, location string, requestGB int) (string, string, int, error)
    // Delete a VHD blob
    DeleteVolume(diskURI string) error

    // Expand the disk to new size
    ResizeDisk(diskURI string, oldSize resource.Quantity, newSize resource.Quantity) (resource.Quantity, error)

    // GetAzureDiskLabels gets availability zone labels for Azuredisk.
    GetAzureDiskLabels(diskURI string) (map[string]string, error)

    // GetActiveZones returns all the zones in which k8s nodes are currently running.
    GetActiveZones() (sets.String, error)

    // GetLocation returns the location in which k8s cluster is currently running.
    GetLocation() string

DiskController interface exposed by the cloud provider implementing Disk functionality

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