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package cinder

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/volume/cinder"

Package cinder contains the internal representation of cinder volumes.


Package Files

attacher.go cinder.go cinder_block.go cinder_util.go doc.go


const (
    // DefaultCloudConfigPath is the default path for cloud configuration
    DefaultCloudConfigPath = "/etc/kubernetes/cloud-config"

func ProbeVolumePlugins Uses

func ProbeVolumePlugins() []volume.VolumePlugin

ProbeVolumePlugins is the primary entrypoint for volume plugins.

type BlockStorageProvider Uses

type BlockStorageProvider interface {
    AttachDisk(instanceID, volumeID string) (string, error)
    DetachDisk(instanceID, volumeID string) error
    DeleteVolume(volumeID string) error
    CreateVolume(name string, size int, vtype, availability string, tags *map[string]string) (string, string, string, bool, error)
    GetDevicePath(volumeID string) string
    InstanceID() (string, error)
    GetAttachmentDiskPath(instanceID, volumeID string) (string, error)
    OperationPending(diskName string) (bool, string, error)
    DiskIsAttached(instanceID, volumeID string) (bool, error)
    DiskIsAttachedByName(nodeName types.NodeName, volumeID string) (bool, string, error)
    DisksAreAttachedByName(nodeName types.NodeName, volumeIDs []string) (map[string]bool, error)
    ShouldTrustDevicePath() bool
    Instances() (cloudprovider.Instances, bool)
    ExpandVolume(volumeID string, oldSize resource.Quantity, newSize resource.Quantity) (resource.Quantity, error)

BlockStorageProvider is the interface for accessing cinder functionality.

type DiskUtil Uses

type DiskUtil struct{}

DiskUtil has utility/helper methods

func (*DiskUtil) AttachDisk Uses

func (util *DiskUtil) AttachDisk(b *cinderVolumeMounter, globalPDPath string) error

AttachDisk attaches a disk specified by a volume.CinderPersistenDisk to the current kubelet. Mounts the disk to its global path.

func (*DiskUtil) CreateVolume Uses

func (util *DiskUtil) CreateVolume(c *cinderVolumeProvisioner, node *v1.Node, allowedTopologies []v1.TopologySelectorTerm) (volumeID string, volumeSizeGB int, volumeLabels map[string]string, fstype string, err error)

CreateVolume uses the cloud provider entrypoint for creating a volume

func (*DiskUtil) DeleteVolume Uses

func (util *DiskUtil) DeleteVolume(cd *cinderVolumeDeleter) error

DeleteVolume uses the cloud entrypoint to delete specified volume

func (*DiskUtil) DetachDisk Uses

func (util *DiskUtil) DetachDisk(cd *cinderVolumeUnmounter) error

DetachDisk unmounts the device and detaches the disk from the kubelet's host machine.

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