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package glusterfs

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/volume/glusterfs"

Package glusterfs contains the internal representation of glusterfs volumes.


Package Files

doc.go glusterfs.go glusterfs_minmax.go glusterfs_util.go


var (
    //ErrConflict returned when value is already in use.
    ErrConflict = errors.New("number already allocated")

    //ErrInvalidRange returned invalid range, for eg# min > max
    ErrInvalidRange = errors.New("invalid range")

    //ErrOutOfRange returned when value is not in pool range.
    ErrOutOfRange = errors.New("out of range")

    //ErrRangeFull returned when no more free values in the pool.
    ErrRangeFull = errors.New("range full")

    //ErrInternal returned when no free item found, but a.free != 0.
    ErrInternal = errors.New("internal error")

func ProbeVolumePlugins Uses

func ProbeVolumePlugins() []volume.VolumePlugin

ProbeVolumePlugins is the primary entrypoint for volume plugins.

type MinMaxAllocator Uses

type MinMaxAllocator struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

MinMaxAllocator defines allocator struct.

func NewMinMaxAllocator Uses

func NewMinMaxAllocator(min, max int) (*MinMaxAllocator, error)

NewMinMaxAllocator return a new allocator or error based on provided min/max value.

func (*MinMaxAllocator) Allocate Uses

func (a *MinMaxAllocator) Allocate(i int) (bool, error)

Allocate allocates provided value in the allocator and mark it as used.

func (*MinMaxAllocator) AllocateNext Uses

func (a *MinMaxAllocator) AllocateNext() (int, bool, error)

AllocateNext allocates next value from the allocator.

func (*MinMaxAllocator) Free Uses

func (a *MinMaxAllocator) Free() int

Free returns the number of free values in the allocator.

func (*MinMaxAllocator) Has Uses

func (a *MinMaxAllocator) Has(i int) bool

Has check whether the provided value is used in the allocator

func (*MinMaxAllocator) Release Uses

func (a *MinMaxAllocator) Release(i int) error

Release free/delete provided value from the allocator.

func (*MinMaxAllocator) SetRange Uses

func (a *MinMaxAllocator) SetRange(min, max int) error

SetRange defines the range/pool with provided min and max values.

type Rangeable Uses

type Rangeable interface {
    Allocate(int) (bool, error)
    AllocateNext() (int, bool, error)
    Release(int) error
    Has(int) bool
    Free() int
    SetRange(min, max int) error

Rangeable is an Interface that can adjust its min/max range. Rangeable should be threadsafe

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