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package iscsi

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/volume/iscsi"

Package iscsi contains the internal representation of Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) volumes.


Package Files

attacher.go disk_manager.go doc.go iscsi.go iscsi_util.go

func ProbeVolumePlugins Uses

func ProbeVolumePlugins() []volume.VolumePlugin

ProbeVolumePlugins is the primary entrypoint for volume plugins.

type GlobFunc Uses

type GlobFunc func(string) ([]string, error)

type ISCSIUtil Uses

type ISCSIUtil struct{}

func (*ISCSIUtil) AttachDisk Uses

func (util *ISCSIUtil) AttachDisk(b iscsiDiskMounter) (string, error)

AttachDisk returns devicePath of volume if attach succeeded otherwise returns error

func (*ISCSIUtil) DetachBlockISCSIDisk Uses

func (util *ISCSIUtil) DetachBlockISCSIDisk(c iscsiDiskUnmapper, mapPath string) error

DetachBlockISCSIDisk removes loopback device for a volume and detaches a volume from node

func (*ISCSIUtil) DetachDisk Uses

func (util *ISCSIUtil) DetachDisk(c iscsiDiskUnmounter, mntPath string) error

DetachDisk unmounts and detaches a volume from node

func (*ISCSIUtil) MakeGlobalPDName Uses

func (util *ISCSIUtil) MakeGlobalPDName(iscsi iscsiDisk) string

MakeGlobalPDName returns path of global plugin dir

func (*ISCSIUtil) MakeGlobalVDPDName Uses

func (util *ISCSIUtil) MakeGlobalVDPDName(iscsi iscsiDisk) string

MakeGlobalVDPDName returns path of global volume device plugin dir

type StatFunc Uses

type StatFunc func(string) (os.FileInfo, error)

stat a path, if not exists, retry maxRetries times when iscsi transports other than default are used, use glob instead as pci id of device is unknown

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