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package rbd

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/volume/rbd"

Package rbd contains the internal representation of Rados Block Store (Ceph) volumes.


Package Files

attacher.go disk_manager.go doc.go rbd.go rbd_util.go

func ProbeVolumePlugins Uses

func ProbeVolumePlugins() []volume.VolumePlugin

This is the primary entrypoint for volume plugins.

type RBDUtil Uses

type RBDUtil struct{}

RBDUtil implements diskManager interface.

func (*RBDUtil) AttachDisk Uses

func (util *RBDUtil) AttachDisk(b rbdMounter) (string, error)

AttachDisk attaches the disk on the node.

func (*RBDUtil) CreateImage Uses

func (util *RBDUtil) CreateImage(p *rbdVolumeProvisioner) (r *v1.RBDPersistentVolumeSource, size int, err error)

func (*RBDUtil) DeleteImage Uses

func (util *RBDUtil) DeleteImage(p *rbdVolumeDeleter) error

func (*RBDUtil) DetachBlockDisk Uses

func (util *RBDUtil) DetachBlockDisk(disk rbdDiskUnmapper, mapPath string) error

DetachBlockDisk detaches the disk from the node.

func (*RBDUtil) DetachDisk Uses

func (util *RBDUtil) DetachDisk(plugin *rbdPlugin, deviceMountPath string, device string) error

DetachDisk detaches the disk from the node. It detaches device from the node if device is provided, and removes the lock if there is persisted RBD info under deviceMountPath.

func (*RBDUtil) ExpandImage Uses

func (util *RBDUtil) ExpandImage(rbdExpander *rbdVolumeExpander, oldSize resource.Quantity, newSize resource.Quantity) (resource.Quantity, error)

ExpandImage runs rbd resize command to resize the specified image.

func (*RBDUtil) MakeGlobalPDName Uses

func (util *RBDUtil) MakeGlobalPDName(rbd rbd) string

func (*RBDUtil) MakeGlobalVDPDName Uses

func (util *RBDUtil) MakeGlobalVDPDName(rbd rbd) string

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