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package nsenter

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/volume/util/nsenter"


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func NewHostUtil Uses

func NewHostUtil(ne *nsenter.Nsenter, rootDir string) mount.HostUtils

NewHostUtil returns a new mount.HostUtils implementation that works for kubelet running in a container

type Mounter Uses

type Mounter struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Mounter implements mount.Interface Currently, all docker containers receive their own mount namespaces. Mounter works by executing nsenter to run commands in the host's mount namespace.

func NewMounter Uses

func NewMounter(rootDir string, ne *nsenter.Nsenter) *Mounter

NewMounter creates a new mounter for kubelet that runs as a container.

func (*Mounter) GetMountRefs Uses

func (n *Mounter) GetMountRefs(pathname string) ([]string, error)

GetMountRefs finds all mount references to the path, returns a list of paths. Path could be a mountpoint path, device or a normal directory (for bind mount).

func (*Mounter) IsLikelyNotMountPoint Uses

func (n *Mounter) IsLikelyNotMountPoint(file string) (bool, error)

IsLikelyNotMountPoint determines whether a path is a mountpoint by calling findmnt in the host's root mount namespace.

func (*Mounter) IsMountPointMatch Uses

func (*Mounter) IsMountPointMatch(mp mount.MountPoint, dir string) bool

IsMountPointMatch tests if dir and mp are the same path

func (*Mounter) List Uses

func (*Mounter) List() ([]mount.MountPoint, error)

List returns a list of all mounted filesystems in the host's mount namespace.

func (*Mounter) Mount Uses

func (n *Mounter) Mount(source string, target string, fstype string, options []string) error

Mount runs mount(8) in the host's root mount namespace. Aside from this aspect, Mount has the same semantics as the mounter returned by mount.New()

func (*Mounter) Unmount Uses

func (n *Mounter) Unmount(target string) error

Unmount runs umount(8) in the host's mount namespace.

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