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package subpath

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/volume/util/subpath"


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subpath.go subpath_linux.go

type FakeSubpath Uses

type FakeSubpath struct{}

FakeSubpath is a subpather implementation for testing

func (*FakeSubpath) CleanSubPaths Uses

func (fs *FakeSubpath) CleanSubPaths(podDir string, volumeName string) error

CleanSubPaths is a fake implementation of CleanSubPaths. It is a noop

func (*FakeSubpath) PrepareSafeSubpath Uses

func (fs *FakeSubpath) PrepareSafeSubpath(subPath Subpath) (newHostPath string, cleanupAction func(), err error)

PrepareSafeSubpath is a fake implementation of PrepareSafeSubpath. Always returns newHostPath == subPath.Path

func (*FakeSubpath) SafeMakeDir Uses

func (fs *FakeSubpath) SafeMakeDir(pathname string, base string, perm os.FileMode) error

SafeMakeDir is a fake implementation of SafeMakeDir. It is a noop

type Interface Uses

type Interface interface {
    // CleanSubPaths removes any bind-mounts created by PrepareSafeSubpath in given
    // pod volume directory.
    CleanSubPaths(poodDir string, volumeName string) error

    // PrepareSafeSubpath does everything that's necessary to prepare a subPath
    // that's 1) inside given volumePath and 2) immutable after this call.
    // newHostPath - location of prepared subPath. It should be used instead of
    // hostName when running the container.
    // cleanupAction - action to run when the container is running or it failed to start.
    // CleanupAction must be called immediately after the container with given
    // subpath starts. On the other hand, Interface.CleanSubPaths must be called
    // when the pod finishes.
    PrepareSafeSubpath(subPath Subpath) (newHostPath string, cleanupAction func(), err error)

    // SafeMakeDir creates subdir within given base. It makes sure that the
    // created directory does not escape given base directory mis-using
    // symlinks. Note that the function makes sure that it creates the directory
    // somewhere under the base, nothing else. E.g. if the directory already
    // exists, it may exist outside of the base due to symlinks.
    // This method should be used if the directory to create is inside volume
    // that's under user control. User must not be able to use symlinks to
    // escape the volume to create directories somewhere else.
    SafeMakeDir(subdir string, base string, perm os.FileMode) error

Interface defines the set of methods all subpathers must implement

func New Uses

func New(mounter mount.Interface) Interface

New returns a subpath.Interface for the current system

type Subpath Uses

type Subpath struct {
    // index of the VolumeMount for this container
    VolumeMountIndex int

    // Full path to the subpath directory on the host
    Path string

    // name of the volume that is a valid directory name.
    VolumeName string

    // Full path to the volume path
    VolumePath string

    // Path to the pod's directory, including pod UID
    PodDir string

    // Name of the container
    ContainerName string

Subpath defines the attributes of a subpath

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