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package types

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/volume/util/types"

Package types defines types used only by volume components


Package Files



const (
    // VolumeResizerKey is key that will be used to store resizer used
    // for resizing PVC. The generated key/value pair will be added
    // as a annotation to the PVC.
    VolumeResizerKey = "volume.kubernetes.io/storage-resizer"

type GeneratedOperations Uses

type GeneratedOperations struct {
    // Name of operation - could be used for resetting shared exponential backoff
    OperationName     string
    OperationFunc     func() (eventErr error, detailedErr error)
    EventRecorderFunc func(*error)
    CompleteFunc      func(*error)

GeneratedOperations contains the operation that is created as well as supporting functions required for the operation executor

func (*GeneratedOperations) Run Uses

func (o *GeneratedOperations) Run() (eventErr, detailedErr error)

Run executes the operations and its supporting functions

type UniquePVCName Uses

type UniquePVCName types.UID

UniquePVCName defines the type to key pvc off

type UniquePodName Uses

type UniquePodName types.UID

UniquePodName defines the type to key pods off of

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