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package json

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/watch/json"

Package json implements a simple encoder and decoder for streams of watch events over io.Writer/Readers


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func Object Uses

func Object(encoder runtime.Encoder, event *watch.Event) (interface{}, error)

Object converts a watch.Event into an appropriately serializable JSON object

type WatchEvent Uses

type WatchEvent struct {
    // The type of the watch event; added, modified, deleted, or error.
    // +optional
    Type watch.EventType `json:"type,omitempty" description:"the type of watch event; may be ADDED, MODIFIED, DELETED, BOOKMARK or ERROR"`

    // For added or modified objects, this is the new object; for deleted objects,
    // it's the state of the object immediately prior to its deletion.
    // For errors, it's an api.Status.
    // +optional
    Object runtime.RawExtension `json:"object,omitempty" description:"the object being watched; will match the type of the resource endpoint or be a Status object if the type is ERROR"`

WatchEvent objects are streamed from the api server in response to a watch request. These are not API objects and may not be changed in a backward-incompatible way. TODO: move to a public, versioned object now that RawExtension conversions are possible in the schema.

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