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package fuzzer

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/staging/src/k8s.io/apimachinery/pkg/api/apitesting/fuzzer"


Package Files

fuzzer.go valuefuzz.go

func FuzzerFor Uses

func FuzzerFor(funcs FuzzerFuncs, src rand.Source, codecs runtimeserializer.CodecFactory) *fuzz.Fuzzer

FuzzerFor can randomly populate api objects that are destined for version.

func ValueFuzz Uses

func ValueFuzz(obj interface{})

ValueFuzz recursively changes all basic type values in an object. Any kind of references will not be touch, i.e. the addresses of slices, maps, pointers will stay unchanged.

type FuzzerFuncs Uses

type FuzzerFuncs func(codecs runtimeserializer.CodecFactory) []interface{}

FuzzerFuncs returns a list of func(*SomeType, c fuzz.Continue) functions.

func MergeFuzzerFuncs Uses

func MergeFuzzerFuncs(funcs ...FuzzerFuncs) FuzzerFuncs

MergeFuzzerFuncs will merge the given funcLists, overriding early funcs with later ones if there first argument has the same type.

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