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package fake

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/staging/src/k8s.io/client-go/discovery/fake"


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type FakeDiscovery Uses

type FakeDiscovery struct {
    FakedServerVersion *version.Info

FakeDiscovery implements discovery.DiscoveryInterface and sometimes calls testing.Fake.Invoke with an action, but doesn't respect the return value if any. There is a way to fake static values like ServerVersion by using the Faked... fields on the struct.

func (*FakeDiscovery) OpenAPISchema Uses

func (c *FakeDiscovery) OpenAPISchema() (*openapi_v2.Document, error)

OpenAPISchema retrieves and parses the swagger API schema the server supports.

func (*FakeDiscovery) RESTClient Uses

func (c *FakeDiscovery) RESTClient() restclient.Interface

RESTClient returns a RESTClient that is used to communicate with API server by this client implementation.

func (*FakeDiscovery) ServerGroups Uses

func (c *FakeDiscovery) ServerGroups() (*metav1.APIGroupList, error)

ServerGroups returns the supported groups, with information like supported versions and the preferred version.

func (*FakeDiscovery) ServerGroupsAndResources Uses

func (c *FakeDiscovery) ServerGroupsAndResources() ([]*metav1.APIGroup, []*metav1.APIResourceList, error)

ServerGroupsAndResources returns the supported groups and resources for all groups and versions.

func (*FakeDiscovery) ServerPreferredNamespacedResources Uses

func (c *FakeDiscovery) ServerPreferredNamespacedResources() ([]*metav1.APIResourceList, error)

ServerPreferredNamespacedResources returns the supported namespaced resources with the version preferred by the server.

func (*FakeDiscovery) ServerPreferredResources Uses

func (c *FakeDiscovery) ServerPreferredResources() ([]*metav1.APIResourceList, error)

ServerPreferredResources returns the supported resources with the version preferred by the server.

func (*FakeDiscovery) ServerResources Uses

func (c *FakeDiscovery) ServerResources() ([]*metav1.APIResourceList, error)

ServerResources returns the supported resources for all groups and versions. Deprecated: use ServerGroupsAndResources instead.

func (*FakeDiscovery) ServerResourcesForGroupVersion Uses

func (c *FakeDiscovery) ServerResourcesForGroupVersion(groupVersion string) (*metav1.APIResourceList, error)

ServerResourcesForGroupVersion returns the supported resources for a group and version.

func (*FakeDiscovery) ServerVersion Uses

func (c *FakeDiscovery) ServerVersion() (*version.Info, error)

ServerVersion retrieves and parses the server's version.

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