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package spdy

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/staging/src/k8s.io/client-go/transport/spdy"


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func Negotiate Uses

func Negotiate(upgrader Upgrader, client *http.Client, req *http.Request, protocols ...string) (httpstream.Connection, string, error)

Negotiate opens a connection to a remote server and attempts to negotiate a SPDY connection. Upon success, it returns the connection and the protocol selected by the server. The client transport must use the upgradeRoundTripper - see RoundTripperFor.

func NewDialer Uses

func NewDialer(upgrader Upgrader, client *http.Client, method string, url *url.URL) httpstream.Dialer

NewDialer will create a dialer that connects to the provided URL and upgrades the connection to SPDY.

type Upgrader Uses

type Upgrader interface {
    // NewConnection validates the response and creates a new Connection.
    NewConnection(resp *http.Response) (httpstream.Connection, error)

Upgrader validates a response from the server after a SPDY upgrade.

func RoundTripperFor Uses

func RoundTripperFor(config *restclient.Config) (http.RoundTripper, Upgrader, error)

RoundTripperFor returns a round tripper and upgrader to use with SPDY.

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