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package parse

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/staging/src/k8s.io/kubectl/pkg/apply/parse"


Package Files

factory.go item.go list_element.go map_element.go openapi.go primitive_element.go type_element.go util.go visitor.go

type ElementBuildingVisitor Uses

type ElementBuildingVisitor struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ElementBuildingVisitor creates an Elements from Items An Element combines the values from the Item with the field metadata.

func (ElementBuildingVisitor) CreateListElement Uses

func (v ElementBuildingVisitor) CreateListElement(item *listItem) (apply.Element, error)

CreateListElement creates a ListElement

func (ElementBuildingVisitor) CreateMapElement Uses

func (v ElementBuildingVisitor) CreateMapElement(item *mapItem) (apply.Element, error)

CreateMapElement creates a mapElement

func (ElementBuildingVisitor) CreatePrimitiveElement Uses

func (v ElementBuildingVisitor) CreatePrimitiveElement(item *primitiveItem) (apply.Element, error)

CreatePrimitiveElement creates a primitiveElement

func (ElementBuildingVisitor) CreateTypeElement Uses

func (v ElementBuildingVisitor) CreateTypeElement(item *typeItem) (apply.Element, error)

CreateTypeElement creates a typeElement

type Factory Uses

type Factory struct {
    // Resources contains the openapi field metadata for the object models
    Resources openapi.Resources

Factory creates an Element by combining object values from recorded, local and remote sources with the metadata from an openapi schema.

func (*Factory) CreateElement Uses

func (b *Factory) CreateElement(recorded, local, remote map[string]interface{}) (apply.Element, error)

CreateElement returns an Element by collating the recorded, local and remote field values

type Item Uses

type Item interface {
    // CreateElement merges the values in the item into a combined Element
    CreateElement(ItemVisitor) (apply.Element, error)

Item wraps values from 3 sources (recorded, local, remote). The values are not collated

type ItemVisitor Uses

type ItemVisitor interface {
    // CreatePrimitiveElement builds an Element for a primitiveItem
    CreatePrimitiveElement(*primitiveItem) (apply.Element, error)

    // CreateListElement builds an Element for a listItem
    CreateListElement(*listItem) (apply.Element, error)

    // CreateMapElement builds an Element for a mapItem
    CreateMapElement(*mapItem) (apply.Element, error)

    // CreateTypeElement builds an Element for a typeItem
    CreateTypeElement(*typeItem) (apply.Element, error)

ItemVisitor provides an interface for Items to Accept and call the Visit function that corresponds to its actual type.

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