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package apps

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/test/e2e/apps"


Package Files

cronjob.go daemon_restart.go daemon_set.go deployment.go disruption.go framework.go job.go network_partition.go rc.go replica_set.go statefulset.go types.go wait.go


const (

    // ADD represents the ADD event
    ADD = "ADD"
    // DEL represents the DEL event
    DEL = "DEL"
    // UPDATE represents the UPDATE event
const (
    WebserverImageName = "httpd"
    AgnhostImageName   = "agnhost"

NOTE(claudiub): These constants should NOT be used as Pod Container Images.


var (
    // CronJobGroupVersionResourceAlpha unambiguously identifies a resource of cronjob with alpha status
    CronJobGroupVersionResourceAlpha = schema.GroupVersionResource{Group: "batch", Version: "v2alpha1", Resource: "cronjobs"}

    // CronJobGroupVersionResourceBeta unambiguously identifies a resource of cronjob with beta status
    CronJobGroupVersionResourceBeta = schema.GroupVersionResource{Group: "batch", Version: "v1beta1", Resource: "cronjobs"}

    // NautilusImage is the fully qualified URI to the Nautilus image
    NautilusImage = imageutils.GetE2EImage(imageutils.Nautilus)

    // KittenImage is the fully qualified URI to the Kitten image
    KittenImage = imageutils.GetE2EImage(imageutils.Kitten)

    // WebserverImage is the fully qualified URI to the Httpd image
    WebserverImage = imageutils.GetE2EImage(imageutils.Httpd)

    // NewWebserverImage is the fully qualified URI to the HttpdNew image
    NewWebserverImage = imageutils.GetE2EImage(imageutils.HttpdNew)

    // AgnhostImage is the fully qualified URI to the Agnhost image
    AgnhostImage = imageutils.GetE2EImage(imageutils.Agnhost)
var NamespaceNodeSelectors = []string{"scheduler.alpha.kubernetes.io/node-selector"}

NamespaceNodeSelectors the annotation key scheduler.alpha.kubernetes.io/node-selector is for assigning node selectors labels to namespaces

func SIGDescribe Uses

func SIGDescribe(text string, body func()) bool

SIGDescribe annotates the test with the SIG label.

func TestReplicationControllerServeImageOrFail Uses

func TestReplicationControllerServeImageOrFail(f *framework.Framework, test string, image string)

TestReplicationControllerServeImageOrFail is a basic test to check the deployment of an image using a replication controller. The image serves its hostname which is checked for each replica.

type RestartDaemonConfig Uses

type RestartDaemonConfig struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

RestartDaemonConfig is a config to restart a running daemon on a node, and wait till it comes back up. It uses ssh to send a SIGTERM to the daemon.

func NewRestartConfig Uses

func NewRestartConfig(nodeName, daemonName string, healthzPort int, pollInterval, pollTimeout time.Duration, enableHTTPS bool) *RestartDaemonConfig

NewRestartConfig creates a RestartDaemonConfig for the given node and daemon.

func (*RestartDaemonConfig) String Uses

func (r *RestartDaemonConfig) String() string

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