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package deployment

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/test/e2e/framework/deployment"


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fixtures.go wait.go

func CreateDeployment Uses

func CreateDeployment(client clientset.Interface, replicas int32, podLabels map[string]string, nodeSelector map[string]string, namespace string, pvclaims []*v1.PersistentVolumeClaim, command string) (*appsv1.Deployment, error)

CreateDeployment creates a deployment.

func GetPodsForDeployment Uses

func GetPodsForDeployment(client clientset.Interface, deployment *appsv1.Deployment) (*v1.PodList, error)

GetPodsForDeployment gets pods for the given deployment

func NewDeployment Uses

func NewDeployment(deploymentName string, replicas int32, podLabels map[string]string, imageName, image string, strategyType appsv1.DeploymentStrategyType) *appsv1.Deployment

NewDeployment returns a deployment spec with the specified argument.

func UpdateDeploymentWithRetries Uses

func UpdateDeploymentWithRetries(c clientset.Interface, namespace, name string, applyUpdate testutils.UpdateDeploymentFunc) (*appsv1.Deployment, error)

UpdateDeploymentWithRetries updates the specified deployment with retries.

func WaitForDeploymentComplete Uses

func WaitForDeploymentComplete(c clientset.Interface, d *appsv1.Deployment) error

WaitForDeploymentComplete waits for the deployment to complete, and don't check if rolling update strategy is broken. Rolling update strategy is used only during a rolling update, and can be violated in other situations, such as shortly after a scaling event or the deployment is just created.

func WaitForDeploymentRevisionAndImage Uses

func WaitForDeploymentRevisionAndImage(c clientset.Interface, ns, deploymentName string, revision, image string) error

WaitForDeploymentRevisionAndImage waits for the deployment's and its new RS's revision and container image to match the given revision and image. Note that deployment revision and its new RS revision should be updated shortly most of the time, but an overwhelmed RS controller may result in taking longer to relabel a RS.

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