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package endpoints

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/test/e2e/framework/endpoints"


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const ServiceStartTimeout = 3 * time.Minute

ServiceStartTimeout is how long to wait for a service endpoint to be resolvable.

func ValidateEndpointsPorts Uses

func ValidateEndpointsPorts(c clientset.Interface, namespace, serviceName string, expectedEndpoints PortsByPodName) error

ValidateEndpointsPorts validates that the given service exists and is served by the given expectedEndpoints.

type PortsByPodName Uses

type PortsByPodName map[string][]int

PortsByPodName is a map that maps pod name to container ports.

type PortsByPodUID Uses

type PortsByPodUID map[types.UID][]int

PortsByPodUID is a map that maps pod UID to container ports.

func GetContainerPortsByPodUID Uses

func GetContainerPortsByPodUID(ep *v1.Endpoints) PortsByPodUID

GetContainerPortsByPodUID returns a PortsByPodUID map on the given endpoints.

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