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package ginkgowrapper

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/test/e2e/framework/ginkgowrapper"

Package ginkgowrapper wraps Ginkgo Fail and Skip functions to panic with structured data instead of a constant string.


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func Fail Uses

func Fail(message string, callerSkip ...int)

Fail wraps ginkgo.Fail so that it panics with more useful information about the failure. This function will panic with a FailurePanic.

type FailurePanic Uses

type FailurePanic struct {
    Message        string // The failure message passed to Fail
    Filename       string // The filename that is the source of the failure
    Line           int    // The line number of the filename that is the source of the failure
    FullStackTrace string // A full stack trace starting at the source of the failure

FailurePanic is the value that will be panicked from Fail.

func (FailurePanic) String Uses

func (FailurePanic) String() string

String makes FailurePanic look like the old Ginkgo panic when printed.

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