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package kubectl

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/test/e2e/framework/kubectl"


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func LogFailedContainers Uses

func LogFailedContainers(c clientset.Interface, ns string, logFunc func(ftm string, args ...interface{}))

LogFailedContainers runs `kubectl logs` on a failed containers.

type TestKubeconfig Uses

type TestKubeconfig struct {
    CertDir     string
    Host        string
    KubeConfig  string
    KubeContext string
    KubectlPath string
    Namespace   string // Every test has at least one namespace unless creation is skipped

TestKubeconfig is a struct containing the needed attributes from TestContext and Framework(Namespace).

func NewTestKubeconfig Uses

func NewTestKubeconfig(certdir, host, kubeconfig, kubecontext, kubectlpath, namespace string) *TestKubeconfig

NewTestKubeconfig returns a new Kubeconfig struct instance.

func (*TestKubeconfig) KubectlCmd Uses

func (tk *TestKubeconfig) KubectlCmd(args ...string) *exec.Cmd

KubectlCmd runs the kubectl executable through the wrapper script.

func (*TestKubeconfig) ReadFileViaContainer Uses

func (tk *TestKubeconfig) ReadFileViaContainer(podName, containerName string, path string) (string, error)

ReadFileViaContainer reads a file using kubectl exec cat <path>.

func (*TestKubeconfig) WriteFileViaContainer Uses

func (tk *TestKubeconfig) WriteFileViaContainer(podName, containerName string, path string, contents string) error

WriteFileViaContainer writes a file using kubectl exec echo <contents> > <path> via specified container because of the primitive technique we're using here, we only allow ASCII alphanumeric characters

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