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package security

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/test/e2e/framework/security"


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func CreateAppArmorTestPod Uses

func CreateAppArmorTestPod(nsName string, clientset clientset.Interface, podClient *framework.PodClient, unconfined bool, runOnce bool) *v1.Pod

CreateAppArmorTestPod creates a pod that tests apparmor profile enforcement. The pod exits with an error code if the profile is incorrectly enforced. If runOnce is true the pod will exit after a single test, otherwise it will repeat the test every 1 second until failure.

func LoadAppArmorProfiles Uses

func LoadAppArmorProfiles(nsName string, clientset clientset.Interface)

LoadAppArmorProfiles creates apparmor-profiles ConfigMap and apparmor-loader ReplicationController.

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