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package skipper

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/test/e2e/framework/skipper"


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var AppArmorDistros = []string{"gci", "ubuntu"}

AppArmorDistros are distros with AppArmor support

func RunIfContainerRuntimeIs Uses

func RunIfContainerRuntimeIs(runtimes ...string)

RunIfContainerRuntimeIs runs if the container runtime is included in the runtimes.

func RunIfSystemSpecNameIs Uses

func RunIfSystemSpecNameIs(names ...string)

RunIfSystemSpecNameIs runs if the system spec name is included in the names.

func SkipIfAppArmorNotSupported Uses

func SkipIfAppArmorNotSupported()

SkipIfAppArmorNotSupported skips if the AppArmor is not supported by the node OS distro.

func SkipIfMissingResource Uses

func SkipIfMissingResource(dynamicClient dynamic.Interface, gvr schema.GroupVersionResource, namespace string)

SkipIfMissingResource skips if the gvr resource is missing.

func SkipIfMultizone Uses

func SkipIfMultizone(c clientset.Interface)

SkipIfMultizone skips if the cluster has multizone.

func SkipIfNodeOSDistroIs Uses

func SkipIfNodeOSDistroIs(unsupportedNodeOsDistros ...string)

SkipIfNodeOSDistroIs skips if the node OS distro is included in the unsupportedNodeOsDistros.

func SkipIfProviderIs Uses

func SkipIfProviderIs(unsupportedProviders ...string)

SkipIfProviderIs skips if the provider is included in the unsupportedProviders.

func SkipUnlessAtLeast Uses

func SkipUnlessAtLeast(value int, minValue int, message string)

SkipUnlessAtLeast skips if the value is less than the minValue.

func SkipUnlessComponentRunsAsPodsAndClientCanDeleteThem Uses

func SkipUnlessComponentRunsAsPodsAndClientCanDeleteThem(componentName string, c clientset.Interface, ns string, labelSet labels.Set)

SkipUnlessComponentRunsAsPodsAndClientCanDeleteThem run if the component run as pods and client can delete them

func SkipUnlessLocalEphemeralStorageEnabled Uses

func SkipUnlessLocalEphemeralStorageEnabled()

SkipUnlessLocalEphemeralStorageEnabled skips if the LocalStorageCapacityIsolation is not enabled.

func SkipUnlessMasterOSDistroIs Uses

func SkipUnlessMasterOSDistroIs(supportedMasterOsDistros ...string)

SkipUnlessMasterOSDistroIs skips if the master OS distro is not included in the supportedMasterOsDistros.

func SkipUnlessMultizone Uses

func SkipUnlessMultizone(c clientset.Interface)

SkipUnlessMultizone skips if the cluster does not have multizone.

func SkipUnlessNodeCountIsAtLeast Uses

func SkipUnlessNodeCountIsAtLeast(minNodeCount int)

SkipUnlessNodeCountIsAtLeast skips if the number of nodes is less than the minNodeCount.

func SkipUnlessNodeCountIsAtMost Uses

func SkipUnlessNodeCountIsAtMost(maxNodeCount int)

SkipUnlessNodeCountIsAtMost skips if the number of nodes is greater than the maxNodeCount.

func SkipUnlessNodeOSArchIs Uses

func SkipUnlessNodeOSArchIs(supportedNodeOsArchs ...string)

SkipUnlessNodeOSArchIs skips if the node OS distro is not included in the supportedNodeOsArchs.

func SkipUnlessNodeOSDistroIs Uses

func SkipUnlessNodeOSDistroIs(supportedNodeOsDistros ...string)

SkipUnlessNodeOSDistroIs skips if the node OS distro is not included in the supportedNodeOsDistros.

func SkipUnlessProviderIs Uses

func SkipUnlessProviderIs(supportedProviders ...string)

SkipUnlessProviderIs skips if the provider is not included in the supportedProviders.

func SkipUnlessSSHKeyPresent Uses

func SkipUnlessSSHKeyPresent()

SkipUnlessSSHKeyPresent skips if no SSH key is found.

func SkipUnlessServerVersionGTE Uses

func SkipUnlessServerVersionGTE(v *utilversion.Version, c discovery.ServerVersionInterface)

SkipUnlessServerVersionGTE skips if the server version is less than v.

func Skipf Uses

func Skipf(format string, args ...interface{})

Skipf skips with information about why the test is being skipped.

type SkipPanic Uses

type SkipPanic struct {
    Message        string // The failure message passed to Fail
    Filename       string // The filename that is the source of the failure
    Line           int    // The line number of the filename that is the source of the failure
    FullStackTrace string // A full stack trace starting at the source of the failure

SkipPanic is the value that will be panicked from Skip.

func (SkipPanic) String Uses

func (SkipPanic) String() string

String makes SkipPanic look like the old Ginkgo panic when printed.

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