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package ssh

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/test/e2e/framework/ssh"


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const (
    // SSHPort is tcp port number of SSH
    SSHPort = "22"

func GetSigner Uses

func GetSigner(provider string) (ssh.Signer, error)

GetSigner returns an ssh.Signer for the provider ("gce", etc.) that can be used to SSH to their nodes.

func IssueSSHCommand Uses

func IssueSSHCommand(cmd, provider string, node *v1.Node) error

IssueSSHCommand tries to execute a SSH command

func LogResult Uses

func LogResult(result Result)

LogResult records result log

func NodeSSHHosts Uses

func NodeSSHHosts(c clientset.Interface) ([]string, error)

NodeSSHHosts returns SSH-able host names for all schedulable nodes. If it can't find any external IPs, it falls back to looking for internal IPs. If it can't find an internal IP for every node it returns an error, though it still returns all hosts that it found in that case.

type Result Uses

type Result struct {
    User   string
    Host   string
    Cmd    string
    Stdout string
    Stderr string
    Code   int

Result holds the execution result of SSH command

func IssueSSHCommandWithResult Uses

func IssueSSHCommandWithResult(cmd, provider string, node *v1.Node) (*Result, error)

IssueSSHCommandWithResult tries to execute a SSH command and returns the execution result

func NodeExec Uses

func NodeExec(nodeName, cmd, provider string) (Result, error)

NodeExec execs the given cmd on node via SSH. Note that the nodeName is an sshable name, eg: the name returned by framework.GetMasterHost(). This is also not guaranteed to work across cloud providers since it involves ssh.

func SSH Uses

func SSH(cmd, host, provider string) (Result, error)

SSH synchronously SSHs to a node running on provider and runs cmd. If there is no error performing the SSH, the stdout, stderr, and exit code are returned.

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