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package network

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/test/e2e/network"

Package network are the end-to-end tests for Kubernetes networking.


Package Files

dns.go dns_common.go dns_configmap.go dns_scale_records.go doc.go dual_stack.go example_cluster_dns.go firewall.go framework.go ingress.go ingress_scale.go kube_proxy.go network_policy.go network_tiers.go networking.go networking_perf.go no_snat.go proxy.go service.go service_latency.go util_iperf.go

func SIGDescribe Uses

func SIGDescribe(text string, body func()) bool

SIGDescribe annotates the test with the SIG label.

type IPerfResult Uses

type IPerfResult struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

IPerfResult struct modelling an iperf record.... 20160314154239,,34152,,5001,3,0.0-10.0,33843707904,27074774092

func NewIPerf Uses

func NewIPerf(csvLine string) *IPerfResult

NewIPerf parses an IPerf CSV output line into an IPerfResult.

type IPerfResults Uses

type IPerfResults struct {
    BandwidthMap map[string]int64

IPerfResults is a struct that stores some IPerfResult

func (*IPerfResults) Add Uses

func (i *IPerfResults) Add(ipr *IPerfResult)

Add adds a new result to the Results struct.

func (*IPerfResults) ToTSV Uses

func (i *IPerfResults) ToTSV() string

ToTSV exports an easily readable tab delimited format of all IPerfResults.

type StrSlice Uses

type StrSlice []string

StrSlice represents a string slice



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