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package e2enode

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/test/e2e_node"

Package e2enode contains e2e tests specific to the node


Package Files

benchmark_util.go doc.go docker_util.go framework.go image_list.go node_problem_detector_linux.go numa_alignment.go resource_collector.go util.go util_sriov.go util_xfs_linux.go utils_linux.go


const (
    // TimeSeriesTag is the tag for time series.
    TimeSeriesTag = "[Result:TimeSeries]"
    // TimeSeriesEnd is the end tag for time series.
    TimeSeriesEnd = "[Finish:TimeSeries]"
const (
    // SRIOVDevicePluginCMYAML is the path of the config map to configure the sriov device plugin.
    SRIOVDevicePluginCMYAML = "test/e2e_node/testing-manifests/sriovdp-cm.yaml"
    // SRIOVDevicePluginDSYAML is the path of the daemonset template of the sriov device plugin. // TODO: Parametrize it by making it a feature in TestFramework.
    SRIOVDevicePluginDSYAML = "test/e2e_node/testing-manifests/sriovdp-ds.yaml"
    // SRIOVDevicePluginSAYAML is the path of the service account needed by the sriov device plugin to run.
    SRIOVDevicePluginSAYAML = "test/e2e_node/testing-manifests/sriovdp-sa.yaml"
    // SRIOVDevicePluginName is the name of the device plugin pod
    SRIOVDevicePluginName = "sriov-device-plugin"


var NodePrePullImageList = sets.NewString(

NodePrePullImageList is a list of images used in node e2e test. These images will be prepulled before test running so that the image pulling won't fail in actual test.

func IsCgroup2UnifiedMode Uses

func IsCgroup2UnifiedMode() bool

IsCgroup2UnifiedMode returns whether we are running in cgroup v2 unified mode.

func PrePullAllImages Uses

func PrePullAllImages() error

PrePullAllImages pre-fetches all images tests depend on so that we don't fail in an actual test.

func SIGDescribe Uses

func SIGDescribe(text string, body func()) bool

SIGDescribe annotates the test with the SIG label.

type ResourceCollector Uses

type ResourceCollector struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ResourceCollector is a collector object which collects resource usage periodically from Cadvisor.

func NewResourceCollector Uses

func NewResourceCollector(interval time.Duration) *ResourceCollector

NewResourceCollector creates a resource collector object which collects resource usage periodically from Cadvisor

func (*ResourceCollector) GetBasicCPUStats Uses

func (r *ResourceCollector) GetBasicCPUStats(containerName string) map[float64]float64

GetBasicCPUStats returns the percentiles the cpu usage in cores for containerName. This method examines all data currently in the buffer.

func (*ResourceCollector) GetCPUSummary Uses

func (r *ResourceCollector) GetCPUSummary() e2ekubelet.ContainersCPUSummary

GetCPUSummary gets CPU usage in percentile.

func (*ResourceCollector) GetLatest Uses

func (r *ResourceCollector) GetLatest() (e2ekubelet.ResourceUsagePerContainer, error)

GetLatest gets the latest resource usage from stats buffer.

func (*ResourceCollector) GetResourceTimeSeries Uses

func (r *ResourceCollector) GetResourceTimeSeries() map[string]*perftype.ResourceSeries

GetResourceTimeSeries gets the time series of resource usage of each container.

func (*ResourceCollector) LogLatest Uses

func (r *ResourceCollector) LogLatest()

LogLatest logs the latest resource usage.

func (*ResourceCollector) Reset Uses

func (r *ResourceCollector) Reset()

Reset clears the stats buffer of resource collector.

func (*ResourceCollector) Start Uses

func (r *ResourceCollector) Start()

Start starts resource collector and connects to the standalone Cadvisor pod then repeatedly runs collectStats.

func (*ResourceCollector) Stop Uses

func (r *ResourceCollector) Stop()

Stop stops resource collector collecting stats. It does not clear the buffer


environmentBuild the binary with `go build conformance.go`, then run the conformance binary on a node candidate.
remotePackage remote contains implementations of the TestSuite interface, which specify how to run various node test suites remotely.

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