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package workloads

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/test/e2e_node/perf/workloads"


Package Files

npb_ep.go npb_is.go tf_wide_deep.go utils.go workloads.go


var NodePerfWorkloads = []NodePerfWorkload{npbISWorkload{}, npbEPWorkload{}, tfWideDeepWorkload{}}

NodePerfWorkloads is the collection of all node performance testing workloads.

type NodePerfWorkload Uses

type NodePerfWorkload interface {
    // Name of the workload.
    Name() string
    // PodSpec used to run this workload.
    PodSpec() v1.PodSpec
    // Timeout provides the expected time to completion
    // for this workload.
    Timeout() time.Duration
    // KubeletConfig specifies the Kubelet configuration
    // required for this workload.
    KubeletConfig(old *kubeletconfig.KubeletConfiguration) (new *kubeletconfig.KubeletConfiguration, err error)
    // PreTestExec is used for defining logic that needs
    // to be run before restarting the Kubelet with the new Kubelet
    // configuration required for the workload.
    PreTestExec() error
    // PostTestExec is used for defining logic that needs
    // to be run after the workload has completed.
    PostTestExec() error
    // ExtractPerformanceFromLogs is used get the performance of the workload
    // from pod logs. Currently, we support only performance reported in
    // time.Duration format.
    ExtractPerformanceFromLogs(logs string) (perf time.Duration, err error)

NodePerfWorkload provides the necessary information to run a workload for node performance testing.

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