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package perftype

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/test/e2e_node/perftype"


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type NodeTimeSeries Uses

type NodeTimeSeries struct {
    OperationData map[string][]int64         `json:"op_series,omitempty"`
    ResourceData  map[string]*ResourceSeries `json:"resource_series,omitempty"`
    Labels        map[string]string          `json:"labels"`
    Version       string                     `json:"version"`

NodeTimeSeries defines the time series of the operations and the resource usage.

type ResourceSeries Uses

type ResourceSeries struct {
    Timestamp            []int64           `json:"ts"`
    CPUUsageInMilliCores []int64           `json:"cpu"`
    MemoryRSSInMegaBytes []int64           `json:"memory"`
    Units                map[string]string `json:"unit"`

ResourceSeries defines the time series of the resource usage.

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