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package util

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/test/integration/util"


Package Files

cloud.go util.go


const (
    // TestProjectID is the project id used for creating NewMockGCECloud
    TestProjectID = "test-project"
    // TestNetworkProjectID is the network project id for creating NewMockGCECloud
    TestNetworkProjectID = "net-test-project"
    // TestRegion is the region for creating NewMockGCECloud
    TestRegion = "test-region"
    // TestZone is the zone for creating NewMockGCECloud
    TestZone = "test-zone"
    // TestNetworkName is the network name for creating NewMockGCECloud
    TestNetworkName = "test-network"
    // TestSubnetworkName is the sub network name for creating NewMockGCECloud
    TestSubnetworkName = "test-sub-network"
    // TestSecondaryRangeName is the secondary range name for creating NewMockGCECloud
    TestSecondaryRangeName = "test-secondary-range"

func NewMockGCECloud Uses

func NewMockGCECloud(cloud cloud.Cloud) (*gce.Cloud, error)

NewMockGCECloud returns a handle to a Cloud instance that is served by a mock http server

type ShutdownFunc Uses

type ShutdownFunc func()

ShutdownFunc represents the function handle to be called, typically in a defer handler, to shutdown a running module

func StartApiserver Uses

func StartApiserver() (string, ShutdownFunc)

StartApiserver starts a local API server for testing and returns the handle to the URL and the shutdown function to stop it.

func StartScheduler Uses

func StartScheduler(clientSet clientset.Interface) (*scheduler.Scheduler, coreinformers.PodInformer, ShutdownFunc)

StartScheduler configures and starts a scheduler given a handle to the clientSet interface and event broadcaster. It returns the running scheduler and the shutdown function to stop it.

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