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package clientcmd

import ""


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client_config.go client_getter.go

func BuildConfigFromContext Uses

func BuildConfigFromContext(kubeconfigPath, contextName string) (*rest.Config, error)

func BuildConfigFromFlags Uses

func BuildConfigFromFlags(masterUrl, kubeconfigPath string) (*rest.Config, error)

BuildConfigFromFlags is a helper function that builds configs from a master url or a kubeconfig filepath. These are passed in as command line flags for cluster components. Warnings should reflect this usage. If neither masterUrl or kubeconfigPath are passed in we fallback to inClusterConfig. If inClusterConfig fails, we fallback to the default config.

func BuildConfigFromKubeconfigGetter Uses

func BuildConfigFromKubeconfigGetter(masterUrl string, kubeconfigGetter clientcmd.KubeconfigGetter) (*rest.Config, error)

BuildConfigFromKubeconfigGetter is a helper function that builds configs from a master url and a kubeconfigGetter.

func ClientFromContext Uses

func ClientFromContext(kubeconfigPath, contextName string) (kubernetes.Interface, error)

func Fix Uses

func Fix(cfg *rest.Config) *rest.Config

FixAKS uses kube-apiserver FQDN for AKS cluster to workaround

func NamespaceFromContext Uses

func NamespaceFromContext(kubeconfigPath, contextName string) (string, error)

func NewClientGetter Uses

func NewClientGetter(config *clientcmdapi.Config) genericclioptions.RESTClientGetter

func NewClientGetterFromFlags Uses

func NewClientGetterFromFlags(fs *pflag.FlagSet) genericclioptions.RESTClientGetter

func UseKubeAPIServerFQDNForAKS Uses

func UseKubeAPIServerFQDNForAKS() bool

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