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package queue

import ""


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handler.go worker.go

func DefaultEventHandler Uses

func DefaultEventHandler(queue workqueue.RateLimitingInterface) cache.ResourceEventHandler

func Enqueue Uses

func Enqueue(queue workqueue.RateLimitingInterface, obj interface{})

func EnqueueAfter Uses

func EnqueueAfter(queue workqueue.RateLimitingInterface, obj interface{}, duration time.Duration)

func NewChangeHandler Uses

func NewChangeHandler(queue workqueue.RateLimitingInterface) cache.ResourceEventHandler

func NewDeleteHandler Uses

func NewDeleteHandler(queue workqueue.RateLimitingInterface) cache.ResourceEventHandler

func NewEventHandler Uses

func NewEventHandler(queue workqueue.RateLimitingInterface, enqueueUpdate func(oldObj, newObj interface{}) bool) cache.ResourceEventHandler

func NewFilteredHandler Uses

func NewFilteredHandler(inner cache.ResourceEventHandler, sel labels.Selector) cache.ResourceEventHandler

func NewReconcilableHandler Uses

func NewReconcilableHandler(queue workqueue.RateLimitingInterface) cache.ResourceEventHandler

func NewUpsertHandler Uses

func NewUpsertHandler(queue workqueue.RateLimitingInterface) cache.ResourceEventHandler

func NewVersionedHandler Uses

func NewVersionedHandler(inner cache.ResourceEventHandler, gvk schema.GroupVersionKind) cache.ResourceEventHandler

type QueueingEventHandler Uses

type QueueingEventHandler struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

QueueingEventHandler queues the key for the object on add and update events

func (*QueueingEventHandler) OnAdd Uses

func (h *QueueingEventHandler) OnAdd(obj interface{})

func (*QueueingEventHandler) OnDelete Uses

func (h *QueueingEventHandler) OnDelete(obj interface{})

func (*QueueingEventHandler) OnUpdate Uses

func (h *QueueingEventHandler) OnUpdate(oldObj, newObj interface{})

type Worker Uses

type Worker struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Worker continuously runs a Reconcile function against a message Queue

func New Uses

func New(name string, maxRetries, threadiness int, fn func(key string) error) *Worker

func (*Worker) GetQueue Uses

func (w *Worker) GetQueue() workqueue.RateLimitingInterface

func (*Worker) Run Uses

func (w *Worker) Run(shutdown <-chan struct{})

Run schedules a routine to continuously process Queue messages until shutdown is closed

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