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package v1beta1

import "kmodules.xyz/webhook-runtime/admission/v1beta1"


Package Files

errors.go types.go

func StatusBadRequest Uses

func StatusBadRequest(err error) *v1beta1.AdmissionResponse

func StatusForbidden Uses

func StatusForbidden(err error) *v1beta1.AdmissionResponse

func StatusInternalServerError Uses

func StatusInternalServerError(err error) *v1beta1.AdmissionResponse

func StatusUninitialized Uses

func StatusUninitialized() *v1beta1.AdmissionResponse

type AdmissionHook Uses

type AdmissionHook interface {
    // Initialize is called as a post-start hook
    Initialize(config *rest.Config, stopCh <-chan struct{}) error

    // Resource is the resource to use for hosting your admission webhook. If the hook implements
    // MutatingAdmissionHook as well, the two resources for validating and mutating admission must be different.
    // Note: this is (usually) not the same as the payload resource!
    Resource() (plural schema.GroupVersionResource, singular string)

    // Validate is called to decide whether to accept the admission request. The returned AdmissionResponse may
    // use the Patch field to mutate the object from the passed AdmissionRequest.
    Admit(admissionSpec *admission.AdmissionRequest) *admission.AdmissionResponse

type GetFunc Uses

type GetFunc func(namespace, name string) (runtime.Object, error)

type GetterFactory Uses

type GetterFactory interface {
    New(config *rest.Config) (GetFunc, error)



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