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package snapshot

import "kubedb.dev/apimachinery/pkg/controller/snapshot"


Package Files

controller.go cron.go snapshot.go workqueue.go

type Controller Uses

type Controller struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewController Uses

func NewController(
    controller *amc.Controller,
    snapshotter amc.Snapshotter,
    config amc.Config,
    tweakListOptions func(*metav1.ListOptions),
    eventRecorder record.EventRecorder,
) *Controller

NewController creates a new Controller

func (*Controller) AddEventHandlerFunc Uses

func (c *Controller) AddEventHandlerFunc(selector labels.Selector) (*queue.Worker, *queue.Worker)

AddEventHandlerFunc adds EventHandler func. Before calling this, controller.Informer needs to be initialized Return type: Snapshot queue as 1st parameter and Job.Queue as 2nd.

func (*Controller) EnsureCustomResourceDefinitions Uses

func (c *Controller) EnsureCustomResourceDefinitions() error

func (*Controller) InitInformer Uses

func (c *Controller) InitInformer() (cache.SharedIndexInformer, cache.SharedIndexInformer)

InitInformer ensures snapshot watcher and returns queue.Worker. So, it is possible to start queue.run from other package/repositories Return type: snapshotInformer, JobInformer

type CronControllerInterface Uses

type CronControllerInterface interface {
    // ScheduleBackup takes parameter DB-runtime object, DB.scheduleSpec.BackupSchedule and DB-Version-Catalog
    ScheduleBackup(db runtime.Object, scheduleSpec *api.BackupScheduleSpec, catalog runtime.Object) error

func NewCronController Uses

func NewCronController(client kubernetes.Interface, extClient cs.Interface, dc dynamic.Interface) CronControllerInterface

NewCronController returns CronControllerInterface. Need to call StartCron() method to start Cron.

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