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package framework

import ""


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admission_controller.go appbinding.go certificate.go crd.go database.go dormantdatabase.go framework.go mongodb.go namespace.go pvc.go rbac.go secret.go snapshot.go stash.go util.go


const (
    GET                = "get"
    LIST               = "list"
    PATCH              = "patch"
    CREATE             = "create"
    UPDATE             = "update"
    USE                = "use"
    POLICY             = "policy"
    Role               = "Role"
    ServiceAccount     = "ServiceAccount"
    CustomSecretSuffix = "custom-secret"
    KeyMongoDBUser     = "username"
    KeyMongoDBPassword = "password"


var (
    DockerRegistry     = "kubedbci"
    SelfHostedOperator = true
    DBCatalogName      = "3.6-v4"
var (
    JobPvcStorageSize = "2Gi"
    DBPvcStorageSize  = "1Gi"
var (
    // StashMgBackupTask is the task name for mongodb-stash backup task
    StashMgBackupTask = "mg-backup-3.6"
    // StashMgRestoreTask is the task name for mongodb-stash restore task
    StashMgRestoreTask = "mg-restore-3.6"

func ClusterAuthModeP Uses

func ClusterAuthModeP(v api.ClusterAuthMode) *api.ClusterAuthMode

ClusterAuthModeP returns a pointer to the int32 value passed in.

func IsRepSet Uses

func IsRepSet(db *api.MongoDB) bool

func SSLModeP Uses

func SSLModeP(v api.SSLMode) *api.SSLMode

SSLModeP returns a pointer to the int32 value passed in.

type Framework Uses

type Framework struct {
    StorageClass string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func New Uses

func New(
    restConfig *rest.Config,
    kubeClient kubernetes.Interface,
    apiExtKubeClient crd_cs.ApiextensionsV1beta1Interface,
    dbClient cs.Interface,
    kaClient ka.Interface,
    appCatalogClient appcat_cs.AppcatalogV1alpha1Interface,
    stashClient scs.Interface,
    storageClass string,
) *Framework

func (*Framework) CheckAppBindingSpec Uses

func (f *Framework) CheckAppBindingSpec(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) error

func (*Framework) CheckSecret Uses

func (f *Framework) CheckSecret(secret *core.Secret) error

func (*Framework) CleanAdmissionConfigs Uses

func (f *Framework) CleanAdmissionConfigs()

func (*Framework) CleanDormantDatabase Uses

func (f *Framework) CleanDormantDatabase()

func (*Framework) CleanMongoDB Uses

func (f *Framework) CleanMongoDB()

func (*Framework) CleanSnapshot Uses

func (f *Framework) CleanSnapshot()

func (*Framework) CleanWorkloadLeftOvers Uses

func (f *Framework) CleanWorkloadLeftOvers()

func (*Framework) ConnectAndPing Uses

func (f *Framework) ConnectAndPing(meta metav1.ObjectMeta, clientPodName string, isReplSet ...bool) (*mongo.Client, *portforward.Tunnel, error)

func (*Framework) CreateBackupConfiguration Uses

func (f *Framework) CreateBackupConfiguration(backupCfg *v1beta1.BackupConfiguration) error

func (*Framework) CreateBackupSession Uses

func (f *Framework) CreateBackupSession(bc *v1beta1.BackupSession) error

func (*Framework) CreateNamespace Uses

func (f *Framework) CreateNamespace() error

func (*Framework) CreateRepository Uses

func (f *Framework) CreateRepository(repo *stashV1alpha1.Repository) error

func (*Framework) CreateRestoreSession Uses

func (f *Framework) CreateRestoreSession(restoreSession *v1beta1.RestoreSession) error

func (*Framework) CreateRole Uses

func (f *Framework) CreateRole(obj *rbac.Role) error

func (*Framework) CreateRoleBinding Uses

func (f *Framework) CreateRoleBinding(obj *rbac.RoleBinding) error

func (*Framework) CreateSecret Uses

func (f *Framework) CreateSecret(obj *core.Secret) error

func (*Framework) CreateServiceAccount Uses

func (f *Framework) CreateServiceAccount(obj *core.ServiceAccount) error

func (*Framework) CreateSnapshot Uses

func (f *Framework) CreateSnapshot(obj *api.Snapshot) error

func (*Framework) DeleteAppBinding Uses

func (f *Framework) DeleteAppBinding(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) error

DeleteAppBinding deletes the custom appBinding that is created in test

func (*Framework) DeleteBackupConfiguration Uses

func (f *Framework) DeleteBackupConfiguration(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) error

func (*Framework) DeleteBackupSession Uses

func (f *Framework) DeleteBackupSession(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) error

func (*Framework) DeleteConfigMap Uses

func (f *Framework) DeleteConfigMap(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) error

func (*Framework) DeleteDormantDatabase Uses

func (f *Framework) DeleteDormantDatabase(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) error

func (*Framework) DeleteMongoDB Uses

func (f *Framework) DeleteMongoDB(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) error

func (*Framework) DeleteNamespace Uses

func (f *Framework) DeleteNamespace() error

func (*Framework) DeleteRepository Uses

func (f *Framework) DeleteRepository(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) error

func (Framework) DeleteRestoreSession Uses

func (f Framework) DeleteRestoreSession(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) error

func (*Framework) DeleteSecret Uses

func (f *Framework) DeleteSecret(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) error

func (*Framework) DeleteSnapshot Uses

func (f *Framework) DeleteSnapshot(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) error

func (*Framework) EnsureCustomAppBinding Uses

func (f *Framework) EnsureCustomAppBinding(db *api.MongoDB, customAppBindingName string) error

EnsureCustomAppBinding creates custom Appbinding for mongodb. In this custom appbinding, all fields are similar to actual appbinding object, except Spec.Parameters.

func (*Framework) EventuallyAPIServiceReady Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallyAPIServiceReady() GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallyAppBinding Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallyAppBinding(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallyBackupSessionPhase Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallyBackupSessionPhase(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallyCRD Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallyCRD() GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallyCollectionPartitioned Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallyCollectionPartitioned(meta metav1.ObjectMeta, dbName string) GomegaAsyncAssertion

EventuallyCollectionPartitioned checks if a database is partitioned or not. Call this only when spec.shardTopology is set.

func (*Framework) EventuallyDBSecretCount Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallyDBSecretCount(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallyDocumentExists Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallyDocumentExists(meta metav1.ObjectMeta, dbName string, collectionCount int) GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallyDormantDatabase Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallyDormantDatabase(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallyDormantDatabaseStatus Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallyDormantDatabaseStatus(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallyEnableSharding Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallyEnableSharding(meta metav1.ObjectMeta, dbName string) GomegaAsyncAssertion

EventuallyEnableSharding enables sharding of a database. Call this only when spec.shardTopology is set.

func (*Framework) EventuallyInsertDocument Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallyInsertDocument(meta metav1.ObjectMeta, dbName string, collectionCount int) GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallyJobPVCSize Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallyJobPVCSize(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallyJobVolumeEmptyDirSize Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallyJobVolumeEmptyDirSize(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallyMaxIncomingConnections Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallyMaxIncomingConnections(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallyMongoDB Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallyMongoDB(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallyMongoDBPhase Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallyMongoDBPhase(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallyMongoDBRunning Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallyMongoDBRunning(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallyMultipleSnapshotFinishedProcessing Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallyMultipleSnapshotFinishedProcessing(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallyPVCCount Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallyPVCCount(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallyRestoreSessionPhase Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallyRestoreSessionPhase(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallySnapshot Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallySnapshot(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallySnapshotCount Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallySnapshotCount(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallySnapshotDataFound Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallySnapshotDataFound(snapshot *api.Snapshot) GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallySnapshotPhase Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallySnapshotPhase(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallyUserSSLSettings Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallyUserSSLSettings(meta metav1.ObjectMeta, clusterAuthMode *v1alpha1.ClusterAuthMode, sslMode *v1alpha1.SSLMode) GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EventuallyWipedOut Uses

func (f *Framework) EventuallyWipedOut(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) GomegaAsyncAssertion

func (*Framework) EvictPodsFromDeployment Uses

func (f *Framework) EvictPodsFromDeployment(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) error

func (*Framework) EvictPodsFromStatefulSet Uses

func (f *Framework) EvictPodsFromStatefulSet(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) error

func (*Framework) ForwardPort Uses

func (f *Framework) ForwardPort(meta metav1.ObjectMeta, clientPodName string) (*portforward.Tunnel, error)

func (*Framework) FoundStashCRDs Uses

func (f *Framework) FoundStashCRDs() bool

func (*Framework) GetDormantDatabase Uses

func (f *Framework) GetDormantDatabase(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) (*api.DormantDatabase, error)

func (*Framework) GetMongoDB Uses

func (f *Framework) GetMongoDB(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) (*api.MongoDB, error)

func (*Framework) GetMongoDBClient Uses

func (f *Framework) GetMongoDBClient(meta metav1.ObjectMeta, tunnel *portforward.Tunnel, isReplSet ...bool) (*options.ClientOptions, error)

func (*Framework) GetMongoDBRootPassword Uses

func (f *Framework) GetMongoDBRootPassword(mongodb *api.MongoDB) (string, error)

func (*Framework) GetMongosPodName Uses

func (f *Framework) GetMongosPodName(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) (string, error)

func (*Framework) GetPrimaryInstance Uses

func (f *Framework) GetPrimaryInstance(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) (string, error)

func (*Framework) GetReplicaMasterNode Uses

func (f *Framework) GetReplicaMasterNode(meta metav1.ObjectMeta, nodeName string, replicaNumber *int32) (string, error)

func (*Framework) GetSSLCertificate Uses

func (f *Framework) GetSSLCertificate(meta v12.ObjectMeta) error

GetSSLCertificate gets ssl certificate of mongodb and creates a client certificate in certPath

func (*Framework) GetSnapshot Uses

func (f *Framework) GetSnapshot(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) (*api.Snapshot, error)

func (*Framework) Invoke Uses

func (f *Framework) Invoke() *Invocation

func (*Framework) Namespace Uses

func (f *Framework) Namespace() string

func (*Framework) PatchDormantDatabase Uses

func (f *Framework) PatchDormantDatabase(meta metav1.ObjectMeta, transform func(*api.DormantDatabase) *api.DormantDatabase) (*api.DormantDatabase, error)

func (*Framework) PatchMongoDB Uses

func (f *Framework) PatchMongoDB(meta metav1.ObjectMeta, transform func(*api.MongoDB) *api.MongoDB) (*api.MongoDB, error)

func (*Framework) RunOperatorAndServer Uses

func (f *Framework) RunOperatorAndServer(config *restclient.Config, kubeconfigPath string, stopCh <-chan struct{})

func (*Framework) UpdateSecret Uses

func (f *Framework) UpdateSecret(meta metav1.ObjectMeta, transformer func(core.Secret) core.Secret) error

type Invocation Uses

type Invocation struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Invocation) BackupConfiguration Uses

func (i *Invocation) BackupConfiguration(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) *v1beta1.BackupConfiguration

func (*Invocation) BackupSession Uses

func (i *Invocation) BackupSession(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) *v1beta1.BackupSession

func (*Invocation) CreateConfigMap Uses

func (i *Invocation) CreateConfigMap(obj *core.ConfigMap) error

func (*Invocation) CreateMongoDB Uses

func (i *Invocation) CreateMongoDB(obj *api.MongoDB) error

func (*Invocation) CreatePersistentVolumeClaim Uses

func (i *Invocation) CreatePersistentVolumeClaim(pvc *core.PersistentVolumeClaim) error

func (*Invocation) DBClient Uses

func (i *Invocation) DBClient() cs.Interface

func (*Invocation) DeletePersistentVolumeClaim Uses

func (i *Invocation) DeletePersistentVolumeClaim(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) error

func (*Invocation) GetCustomConfig Uses

func (i *Invocation) GetCustomConfig(configs []string) *core.ConfigMap

func (*Invocation) GetPersistentVolumeClaim Uses

func (i *Invocation) GetPersistentVolumeClaim() *core.PersistentVolumeClaim

func (*Invocation) MongoDBRS Uses

func (i *Invocation) MongoDBRS() *api.MongoDB

func (*Invocation) MongoDBShard Uses

func (i *Invocation) MongoDBShard() *api.MongoDB

func (*Invocation) MongoDBStandalone Uses

func (i *Invocation) MongoDBStandalone() *api.MongoDB

func (*Invocation) PatchSecretForRestic Uses

func (i *Invocation) PatchSecretForRestic(secret *core.Secret) *core.Secret

func (*Invocation) Repository Uses

func (i *Invocation) Repository(meta metav1.ObjectMeta, secretName string) *stashV1alpha1.Repository

func (*Invocation) RestoreSession Uses

func (i *Invocation) RestoreSession(meta, oldMeta metav1.ObjectMeta) *v1beta1.RestoreSession

func (*Invocation) RoleBinding Uses

func (i *Invocation) RoleBinding(saName string, roleName string) *rbac.RoleBinding

func (*Invocation) RoleForMongoDB Uses

func (i *Invocation) RoleForMongoDB(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) *rbac.Role

func (*Invocation) RoleForSnapshot Uses

func (i *Invocation) RoleForSnapshot(meta metav1.ObjectMeta) *rbac.Role

func (*Invocation) SecretForAzureBackend Uses

func (i *Invocation) SecretForAzureBackend() *core.Secret

func (*Invocation) SecretForDatabaseAuthentication Uses

func (i *Invocation) SecretForDatabaseAuthentication(meta metav1.ObjectMeta, mangedByKubeDB bool) *core.Secret

func (*Invocation) SecretForGCSBackend Uses

func (i *Invocation) SecretForGCSBackend() *core.Secret

func (*Invocation) SecretForLocalBackend Uses

func (i *Invocation) SecretForLocalBackend() *core.Secret

func (*Invocation) SecretForS3Backend Uses

func (i *Invocation) SecretForS3Backend() *core.Secret

func (*Invocation) SecretForSwiftBackend Uses

func (i *Invocation) SecretForSwiftBackend() *core.Secret

func (*Invocation) ServiceAccount Uses

func (i *Invocation) ServiceAccount() *core.ServiceAccount

func (*Invocation) Snapshot Uses

func (i *Invocation) Snapshot() *api.Snapshot

type KubedbTable Uses

type KubedbTable struct {
    FirstName string
    LastName  string

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