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package dmd

import ""

Package dmd implements well-known formats for dot-matrix display (DMD) art.

This dot-matrix display (DMD) image formats are most often used in arcade machines, most notable pinball machines.


Package Files

animation.go checksum.go color.go dmd1.go doc.go image.go rundmd.go util.go vpin.go


var (
    ErrHeaderMagic = errors.New("dmd: unexpected header magic")
    ErrSeek        = errors.New("dmd: illegal seek offset")
var (
    Red     = color.RGBA{R: 0xff, A: 0xff}
    Green   = color.RGBA{G: 0xff, A: 0xff}
    Blue    = color.RGBA{B: 0xff, A: 0xff}
    Yellow  = color.RGBA{R: 0xff, G: 0xff, A: 0xff}
    Magenta = color.RGBA{R: 0xff, B: 0xff, A: 0xff}
    Cyan    = color.RGBA{G: 0xff, B: 0xff, A: 0xff}
    Amber   = color.RGBA{R: 0xff, G: 0x7f, A: 0xff}

Default colors.

var (
    Mask = color.Palette{
        color.Alpha{A: 0x00}, color.Alpha{A: 0x11}, color.Alpha{A: 0x22}, color.Alpha{A: 0x33},
        color.Alpha{A: 0x44}, color.Alpha{A: 0x55}, color.Alpha{A: 0x66}, color.Alpha{A: 0x77},
        color.Alpha{A: 0x88}, color.Alpha{A: 0x99}, color.Alpha{A: 0xaa}, color.Alpha{A: 0xbb},
        color.Alpha{A: 0xcc}, color.Alpha{A: 0xdd}, color.Alpha{A: 0xee}, color.Alpha{A: 0xff},
    GrayPalette = color.Palette{
        color.Gray{Y: 0x00}, color.Gray{Y: 0x11}, color.Gray{Y: 0x22}, color.Gray{Y: 0x33},
        color.Gray{Y: 0x44}, color.Gray{Y: 0x55}, color.Gray{Y: 0x66}, color.Gray{Y: 0x77},
        color.Gray{Y: 0x88}, color.Gray{Y: 0x99}, color.Gray{Y: 0xaa}, color.Gray{Y: 0xbb},
        color.Gray{Y: 0xcc}, color.Gray{Y: 0xdd}, color.Gray{Y: 0xee}, color.Gray{Y: 0xff},
    AmberPalette = color.Palette{
        color.RGBA{R: 0x00, G: 0x00, B: 0x00, A: 0xff}, color.RGBA{R: 0x11, G: 0x08, B: 0x00, A: 0xff},
        color.RGBA{R: 0x22, G: 0x11, B: 0x00, A: 0xff}, color.RGBA{R: 0x33, G: 0x19, B: 0x00, A: 0xff},
        color.RGBA{R: 0x44, G: 0x22, B: 0x00, A: 0xff}, color.RGBA{R: 0x55, G: 0x2a, B: 0x00, A: 0xff},
        color.RGBA{R: 0x66, G: 0x33, B: 0x00, A: 0xff}, color.RGBA{R: 0x77, G: 0x3b, B: 0x00, A: 0xff},
        color.RGBA{R: 0x88, G: 0x44, B: 0x00, A: 0xff}, color.RGBA{R: 0x99, G: 0x4c, B: 0x00, A: 0xff},
        color.RGBA{R: 0xaa, G: 0x55, B: 0x00, A: 0xff}, color.RGBA{R: 0xbb, G: 0x5d, B: 0x00, A: 0xff},
        color.RGBA{R: 0xcc, G: 0x66, B: 0x00, A: 0xff}, color.RGBA{R: 0xdd, G: 0x6e, B: 0x00, A: 0xff},
        color.RGBA{R: 0xee, G: 0x77, B: 0x00, A: 0xff}, color.RGBA{R: 0xff, G: 0x7f, B: 0x00, A: 0xff},

Default palettes.

func EncodeToGIF Uses

func EncodeToGIF(w io.Writer, a Animation, c color.Color) error

type Animation Uses

type Animation interface {
    // Name of the animation.
    Name() string

    // IsMask indicates the animation contains masks.
    IsMask() bool

    // size of the animation.
    Size() (width, height int)

    // ClockInFront checks if the clock should be over the image.
    ClockInFront() bool

    // ClockOffset is the offset of the clock.
    ClockOffset() image.Point

    // Duration of the animation.
    Duration() time.Duration

    // Len is the length of the animation in number of frames.
    Len() int

    // Next frame, will return EOF when end of animation is reached.
    NextFrame() (image.Image, time.Duration, error)

    // Seek to frame.
    SeekFrame(pos int) error

func Colorize Uses

func Colorize(a Animation, p color.Palette) Animation

func DecodeDMD1 Uses

func DecodeDMD1(r io.Reader) (Animation, error)

DecodeDMD1 decodes one DMD1 animation (as used in RPI2DMD).

func DecodeGIF Uses

func DecodeGIF(r io.Reader) (Animation, error)

type Animations Uses

type Animations []Animation

Animations is 0 or more Animation.

func DecodeRunDMD Uses

func DecodeRunDMD(r io.ReadSeeker) (Animations, error)

DecodeRunDMD can decode animations in a (raw) Run-DMD SD card image.

func DecodeVPIN Uses

func DecodeVPIN(r io.ReadSeeker) (Animations, error)

DecodeVPIN calls DecodeVPINWithColoring.

func DecodeVPINWithColoring Uses

func DecodeVPINWithColoring(r io.ReadSeeker, c *Pin2DMDColoring) (Animations, error)

DecodeVPINWithColoring can decode animations from a Virtual Pinball animation file.

Typically, these animation file are called "pin2dmd.vni" or "pin2dmd.ani". If you have a machine palette file ("pin2dmd.pal"), you can load the coloring definitions with LoadPin2DMDColoring / DecodePin2DMDColoring.

type Pin2DMDColoring Uses

type Pin2DMDColoring struct {
    Version  uint8
    Palette  *Pin2DMDPalette
    Palettes []*Pin2DMDPalette
    Default  int
    Mappings map[uint32]*Pin2DMDMapping
    Masks    [][]byte

Pin2DMDColoring contains a coloring description.

func DecodePin2DMDColoring Uses

func DecodePin2DMDColoring(r io.Reader) (c *Pin2DMDColoring, err error)

DecodePin2DMDColoring decodes palette mappings from the supplied Reader.

func LoadPin2DMDColoring Uses

func LoadPin2DMDColoring(name string) (*Pin2DMDColoring, error)

LoadPin2DMDColoring loads *.pal Pin2DMD colorization files.

func (*Pin2DMDColoring) GetPalette Uses

func (c *Pin2DMDColoring) GetPalette(i int) *Pin2DMDPalette

type Pin2DMDMapping Uses

type Pin2DMDMapping struct {
    Checksum     uint32
    Mode         SwitchMode
    PaletteIndex uint16
    Duration     uint32
    Offset       uint32

func (Pin2DMDMapping) IsAnimation Uses

func (m Pin2DMDMapping) IsAnimation() bool

type Pin2DMDPalette Uses

type Pin2DMDPalette struct {
    Index        uint16
    Type         uint8
    IsDefault    bool
    IsPersistent bool
    Colors       color.Palette

type SwitchMode Uses

type SwitchMode byte
const (
    SwitchModePalette SwitchMode = iota


containerPackage container contains helpers for animation(set) containers.

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