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package group

import ""

Package group allows group account lookups by name or id.


Package Files

group.go group_unix.go

type Group Uses

type Group struct {
    Gid   string
    Name  string
    Users []string

Group represents a grouping of users.

On POSIX systems Gid contains a decimal number representing the group ID.

func Current Uses

func Current() (*Group, error)

Current returns the current group.

func Lookup Uses

func Lookup(name string) (*Group, error)

Lookup looks up a group by name.

func LookupId Uses

func LookupId(gid string) (*Group, error)

LookupId looks up a group by id.

type UnknownGid Uses

type UnknownGid int

UnknownGid error group with id not found.

func (UnknownGid) Error Uses

func (err UnknownGid) Error() string

type UnknownGroup Uses

type UnknownGroup string

UnknownGroup error group with name not found.

func (UnknownGroup) Error Uses

func (err UnknownGroup) Error() string

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