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package imm

import ""


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gen_Select_reactGen.go gen_select_immutableGen.go select.go

type ImmSelectEntry Uses

type ImmSelectEntry interface {
    Range() []Label

type Label Uses

type Label interface {
    Label() string

type LabelEntries Uses

type LabelEntries struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

LabelEntries is an immutable type and has the following template:


func NewLabelEntries Uses

func NewLabelEntries(s ...Label) *LabelEntries

func NewLabelEntriesLen Uses

func NewLabelEntriesLen(l int) *LabelEntries

func (*LabelEntries) Append Uses

func (m *LabelEntries) Append(v ...Label) *LabelEntries

func (*LabelEntries) AsImmutable Uses

func (m *LabelEntries) AsImmutable(v *LabelEntries) *LabelEntries

func (*LabelEntries) AsMutable Uses

func (m *LabelEntries) AsMutable() *LabelEntries

func (*LabelEntries) Get Uses

func (m *LabelEntries) Get(i int) Label

func (*LabelEntries) IsDeeplyNonMutable Uses

func (s *LabelEntries) IsDeeplyNonMutable(seen map[interface{}]bool) bool

func (*LabelEntries) Len Uses

func (m *LabelEntries) Len() int

func (*LabelEntries) Mutable Uses

func (m *LabelEntries) Mutable() bool

func (*LabelEntries) Range Uses

func (m *LabelEntries) Range() []Label

func (*LabelEntries) Set Uses

func (m *LabelEntries) Set(i int, v Label) *LabelEntries

func (*LabelEntries) WithImmutable Uses

func (m *LabelEntries) WithImmutable(f func(mi *LabelEntries)) *LabelEntries

func (*LabelEntries) WithMutable Uses

func (m *LabelEntries) WithMutable(f func(mi *LabelEntries)) *LabelEntries

type OnSelect Uses

type OnSelect interface {
    OnSelect(i Label)

type SelectDef Uses

type SelectDef struct {

SelectDef is a wrapper around the component. It allows any value implementing the Label interface to be selected

func (SelectDef) ComponentWillMount Uses

func (p SelectDef) ComponentWillMount()

func (SelectDef) ComponentWillReceiveProps Uses

func (p SelectDef) ComponentWillReceiveProps(props SelectProps)

func (SelectDef) ComponentWillReceivePropsIntf Uses

func (s SelectDef) ComponentWillReceivePropsIntf(val interface{})

ComponentWillReceivePropsIntf is an auto-generated proxy to ComponentWillReceiveProps

func (SelectDef) GetInitialStateIntf Uses

func (s SelectDef) GetInitialStateIntf() react.State

GetInitialStateIntf is an auto-generated proxy to GetInitialState

func (SelectDef) Props Uses

func (s SelectDef) Props() SelectProps

Props is an auto-generated proxy to the current props of Select

func (SelectDef) Render Uses

func (p SelectDef) Render() r.Element

func (SelectDef) RendersElement Uses

func (s SelectDef) RendersElement() react.Element

func (SelectDef) SetState Uses

func (s SelectDef) SetState(state SelectState)

SetState is an auto-generated proxy proxy to update the state for the Select component. SetState does not immediately mutate s.State() but creates a pending state transition.

func (SelectDef) State Uses

func (s SelectDef) State() SelectState

State is an auto-generated proxy to return the current state in use for the render of the Select component

type SelectElem Uses

type SelectElem struct {

func Select Uses

func Select(props SelectProps) *SelectElem

Select creates a new instance of the SelectDef component with the provided props

type SelectProps Uses

type SelectProps struct {
    Entry   Label
    Entries ImmSelectEntry

func (SelectProps) EqualsIntf Uses

func (s SelectProps) EqualsIntf(val react.Props) bool

func (SelectProps) IsProps Uses

func (s SelectProps) IsProps()

IsProps is an auto-generated definition so that SelectProps implements the interface.

type SelectState Uses

type SelectState struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (SelectState) EqualsIntf Uses

func (s SelectState) EqualsIntf(val react.State) bool

func (SelectState) IsState Uses

func (s SelectState) IsState()

IsState is an auto-generated definition so that SelectState implements the interface.

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