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package markdowneditor

import ""


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gen_MarkdownEditor_reactGen.go markdown_editor.go

type MarkdownEditorDef Uses

type MarkdownEditorDef struct {

MarkdownEditorDef is the definition of the MarkdownEditor component

func (MarkdownEditorDef) GetInitialState Uses

func (m MarkdownEditorDef) GetInitialState() MarkdownEditorState

GetInitialState returns the initial state for a MarkdownEditor component

func (MarkdownEditorDef) GetInitialStateIntf Uses

func (m MarkdownEditorDef) GetInitialStateIntf() react.State

GetInitialStateIntf is an auto-generated proxy to GetInitialState

func (MarkdownEditorDef) Render Uses

func (m MarkdownEditorDef) Render() react.Element

Render renders the MarkdownEditor component

func (MarkdownEditorDef) RendersElement Uses

func (m MarkdownEditorDef) RendersElement() react.Element

func (MarkdownEditorDef) SetState Uses

func (m MarkdownEditorDef) SetState(state MarkdownEditorState)

SetState is an auto-generated proxy proxy to update the state for the MarkdownEditor component. SetState does not immediately mutate m.State() but creates a pending state transition.

func (MarkdownEditorDef) State Uses

func (m MarkdownEditorDef) State() MarkdownEditorState

State is an auto-generated proxy to return the current state in use for the render of the MarkdownEditor component

type MarkdownEditorElem Uses

type MarkdownEditorElem struct {

func MarkdownEditor Uses

func MarkdownEditor() *MarkdownEditorElem

MarkdownEditor creates instances of the MarkdownEditor component

type MarkdownEditorState Uses

type MarkdownEditorState struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

MarkdownEditorState is the state type for the MarkdownEditor component

func (MarkdownEditorState) EqualsIntf Uses

func (m MarkdownEditorState) EqualsIntf(val react.State) bool

func (MarkdownEditorState) IsState Uses

func (m MarkdownEditorState) IsState()

IsState is an auto-generated definition so that MarkdownEditorState implements the interface.

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