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package testutils

import ""


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gen_Wrapper_reactGen.go testutils.go wrapper.go

func FindRenderedDOMComponentWithClass Uses

func FindRenderedDOMComponentWithClass(elem react.Element, class string) dom.HTMLElement

func RenderIntoDocument Uses

func RenderIntoDocument(elem react.Element) *core.ElementHolder

type WrapperDef Uses

type WrapperDef struct {

WrapperDef is the definition of the Wrapper component

func (WrapperDef) Render Uses

func (h WrapperDef) Render() react.Element

Render renders the Wrapper component

func (WrapperDef) RendersElement Uses

func (w WrapperDef) RendersElement() react.Element

type WrapperElem Uses

type WrapperElem struct {

func Wrapper Uses

func Wrapper(children ...react.Element) *WrapperElem

Wrapper creates instances of the Wrapper component

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