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package vgoimporter

import ""


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func New Uses

func New(ctxt *build.Context, fset *token.FileSet, dir string) (types.ImporterFrom, error)

New returns a go/types.ImporterFrom that uses vgo list to deduce source file locations for non-standard library packages, and a gcimporter for standard library packages. This is hopelessly inefficient for a couple of reasons:

1. vgo list currently doesn't understand -test, hence we need two invocations

to get the details of the test binary

2. vgo list currently doesn't understand -build, hence we have to use a

source-file based type checker.

3. vgo list currently doesn't have a -nodownload option, hence the output from

it can be polluted with lines like:

vgo: finding v1.5.2

Hence for now we skip until we see a '{' or EOF


gcimporterPackage gcimporter implements Import for gc-generated object files.

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