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package changelog

import ""

Parse the Debian changelog format.


Package Files

changelog.go doc.go

type ChangelogEntries Uses

type ChangelogEntries []ChangelogEntry

func Parse Uses

func Parse(reader io.Reader) (ChangelogEntries, error)

func ParseFile Uses

func ParseFile(path string) (ChangelogEntries, error)

type ChangelogEntry Uses

type ChangelogEntry struct {
    Source    string
    Version   version.Version
    Target    string
    Arguments map[string]string
    Changelog string
    ChangedBy string
    When      time.Time

A ChangelogEntry is the encapsulation for each entry for a given version in a series of uploads.

func ParseFileOne Uses

func ParseFileOne(path string) (*ChangelogEntry, error)

func ParseOne Uses

func ParseOne(reader *bufio.Reader) (*ChangelogEntry, error)

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