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package cmd

import ""

Package cmd contains tools.

Visit for more information about how to use the tools provided.


Package Files



apa102apa102 writes to a strip of APA102 LED.
bmxx80bmxx80 reads environmental data from a BMP180/BME280/BMP280.
gpio-listgpio-list prints out the function of each GPIO pin.
gpio-readgpio-read reads a GPIO pin.
gpio-writegpio-write sets a GPIO pin to low or high.
headers-listheaders-list prints out the headers as found on the computer and print the functionality of each pin.
i2c-ioi2c-io communicates to an I²C device.
i2c-listi2c-list lists all I²C buses.
irir reads from an IR receiver via LIRC.
ledled reads the state of a LED or change it.
onewire-listonewire-list lists all onewire buses and devices.
periph-infoperiph-info prints out information about the loaded periph drivers.
periph-smoketestperiph-smoketest runs all known smoke tests.
periph-smoketest/i2csmoketestPackage i2csmoketest is leveraged by periph-smoketest to verify that an I²C EEPROM device and a DS2483 device can be accessed on an I²C bus.
periph-smoketest/onewiresmoketestPackage onewiresmoketest is leveraged by periph-smoketest to verify that a 1-wire bus search returns two devices, that a ds18b20 temperature sensor can be read, and that a ds2431 eeprom can be written and read.
periph-smoketest/spismoketestPackage spismoketest is leveraged by periph-smoketest to verify that an EEPROM device can be accessed on a SPI port.
spi-iospi-io writes to an SPI port data from stdin and outputs to stdout or writes arguments and outputs hex encoded output.
spi-listspi-list lists all SPI ports.
ssd1306ssd1306 writes to a display driven by a ssd1306 controler.
tm1637tm1637 writes to a digits LED display.

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