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package i2s

import ""

Package i2s will eventually define the API to communicate with devices over the I²S protocol.

The protocol is meant to transfer audio.

See for more information.


Package Files

func.go i2s.go


const (
    SCK  pin.Func = "I2S_SCK"  // Clock; occasionally named BCLK
    WS   pin.Func = "I2S_WS"   // Word (Function) select; occasionally named FS or LRCLK
    IN   pin.Func = "I2S_DIN"  // Data in (e.g. microphone)
    OUT  pin.Func = "I2S_DOUT" // Data out (e.g. speakers)
    MCLK pin.Func = "I2S_MCLK" // Master clock; rarely used

Well known pin functionality.

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