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package storagetest

import ""

Package storagetest tests blobserver.Storage implementations


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func CheckEnumerate Uses

func CheckEnumerate(sto blobserver.Storage, wantUnsorted []blob.SizedRef, opts ...interface{}) error

func Test Uses

func Test(t *testing.T, fn func(*testing.T) (sto blobserver.Storage, cleanup func()))

func TestOpt Uses

func TestOpt(t *testing.T, opt Opts)

func TestStreamer Uses

func TestStreamer(t *testing.T, bs blobserver.BlobStreamer, opts ...StreamerTestOpt)

TestStreamer tests that the BlobStreamer bs implements all of the promised interface behavior and ultimately yields the provided blobs.

If bs also implements BlobEnumerator, the two are compared for consistency.

type Opts Uses

type Opts struct {
    // New is required and must return the storage server to test, along with a func to
    // clean it up. The cleanup may be nil.
    New func(*testing.T) (sto blobserver.Storage, cleanup func())

    // Retries specifies how long to wait to retry after each failure
    // that may be an eventual consistency issue (enumerate, stat), etc.
    Retries []time.Duration

    SkipEnum bool // for when EnumerateBlobs is not implemented

type StreamerTestOpt Uses

type StreamerTestOpt interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

type WantN Uses

type WantN int

WantN is a wanted condition, that the caller wants N of the items.

type WantSizedRefs Uses

type WantSizedRefs []blob.SizedRef

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