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package publish

import ""

Package publish exposes the types and functions that can be used from a Go template, for publishing.


Package Files


type MemberFileInfo Uses

type MemberFileInfo struct {
    FileName         string
    FileDomID        string
    FilePath         string
    FileThumbnailURL string

MemberFileInfo contains the file related data available for each member, if the member is the permanode for a file.

type Nav struct {
    ParentPath string
    PrevPath   string
    NextPath   string

Nav holds links to the previous, next, and parent elements, when displaying members.

type PageFile Uses

type PageFile struct {
    FileName     string
    Size         int64
    MIMEType     string
    IsImage      bool
    DownloadURL  string
    ThumbnailURL string
    DomID        string
    Nav          func() *Nav

PageFile contains the file related data available to the subject template, if the page describes some file contents.

type PageHeader struct {
    Title         string      // Page title.
    CSSFiles      []string    // Available CSS files.
    JSDeps        []string    // Dependencies (for e.g closure) that can/should be included as javascript files.
    CamliClosure  template.JS // Closure namespace defined in the provided js. e.g camlistore.GalleryPage from pics.js
    Subject       blob.Ref    // Subject of this page (i.e the object which is described and published).
    ViewerIsOwner bool        // Whether the viewer of the page is also the owner of the displayed subject. (localhost check for now.)
    PublishedRoot blob.Ref    // Root permanode for this publisher. On camliRoot, camliPath:somePath = publishedRoot
    // SubjectBasePath is the URL path up to the digest prefix of the
    // subject. e.g. "/pics/foo/-/h341b133369" or "/pics/foo/-" if the subject
    // is the published root itself.
    SubjectBasePath string
    // PathPrefix is the publisher app handler prefix on Perkeep, e.g.
    // "/pics/", or "/" if the request was not proxied through Perkeep.
    PathPrefix string
    Host       string

PageHeader contains the data available to the template, and relevant to the page header.

type PageMembers Uses

type PageMembers struct {
    SubjectPath string                                      // URL prefix path to the subject (i.e the permanode).
    ZipName     string                                      // Name of the downloadable zip file which contains all the members.
    Members     []*search.DescribedBlob                     // List of the members.
    Description func(*search.DescribedBlob) string          // Returns the description of the given member.
    Title       func(*search.DescribedBlob) string          // Returns the title for the given member.
    Path        func(*search.DescribedBlob) string          // Returns the url prefix path to the given the member.
    DomID       func(*search.DescribedBlob) string          // Returns the Dom ID of the given member.
    FileInfo    func(*search.DescribedBlob) *MemberFileInfo // Returns some file info if the given member is a file permanode.

PageMembers contains the data relevant to the members if the published subject is a permanode with members.

type SubjectPage Uses

type SubjectPage struct {
    Header  func() *PageHeader
    File    func() *PageFile
    Members func() *PageMembers

SubjectPage is the data structure used when serving a publishing template. It contains the functions that can be called from the template.

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