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package nodeattr

import ""

Package nodeattr contains constants for permanode attribute names.

For all date values in RFC 3339 format, Perkeep additionally treats the special timezone offset -00:01 (one minute west of UTC) as meaning that the local time was known, but the location or timezone was not. Usually this is from EXIF files.


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const (
    // Type is the Perkeep permanode type ("camliNodeType").
    // Importer-specific ones are of the form "".
    // Well-defined ones are documented in doc/schema/claims/attributes.txt.
    Type = "camliNodeType"

    // CamliContent is "camliContent", the blobref of the permanode's content.
    // For files or images, the camliContent is fileref (the blobref of
    // the "file" schema blob).
    CamliContent = "camliContent"

    // CamliContentImage is "camliContentImage", for when CamliContent is
    // already set to the blobref of a non-image.
    CamliContentImage = "camliContentImage"

    // DateCreated is in RFC 3339
    // format.
    DateCreated = "dateCreated"

    // StartDate is, the start date
    // and time of the event or item, in RFC 3339 format.
    StartDate = "startDate"

    // DateModified is, in RFC 3339
    // format.
    DateModified = "dateModified"

    // DatePublished is in RFC
    // 3339 format.
    DatePublished = "datePublished"

    // PaymentDueDate is in RFC
    // 3339 format.
    PaymentDueDate = "paymentDueDate"

    // Title is
    Title = "title"

    // Description is
    // Value is plain text, no HTML, newlines are newlines.
    Description = "description"

    // Content is "content", used e.g. for the content of a tweet.
    // TODO: define this more
    Content = "content"

    // URL is the item's original or origin URL.
    URL = "url"

    // LocationText is free-flowing text definition of a location or place, such
    // as a city name, or a full postal address.
    LocationText = "locationText"

    Altitude  = "altitude"
    Latitude  = "latitude"
    Longitude = "longitude"

    // StreetAddress is
    StreetAddress = "streetAddress"

    // AddressLocality is
    // City, town, village, etc. name, plus any additional locality
    // information, such as suburb name. Not as restricted as
    // the UK postal meaning.
    AddressLocality = "addressLocality"

    // PostalCode is
    PostalCode = "postalCode"

    // AddressRegion is
    // Region, or state name.
    AddressRegion = "addressRegion"

    // AddressCountry is
    AddressCountry = "addressCountry"

    // GivenName is
    GivenName = "givenName"

    // FamilyName is
    FamilyName = "familyName"

    // CamliPathOrderColon is the prefix "camliPathOrder:".
    // The attribute key should be followed by a uint64. The attribute value
    // is an existing value of a camliPath element.
    // CamliPathOrder optionally sorts sets already using "camliPath:foo" keys.
    // The integers do not need to be contiguous, nor 0- (or 1-) based.
    CamliPathOrderColon = "camliPathOrder:"

    // DefaultVisibility is "camliDefVis", which affects the default
    // visibility of the concerned permanode in the web UI.
    DefaultVisibility = "camliDefVis"

    // Version is
    Version = "version"

    // Starred is a boolean indicating a user "starred" or marked something as a favorite.
    Starred = "starred"

    // Folder is a string representing a logical collection of files grouped together
    Folder = "folder"

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