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package camtypes

import ""

Package camtypes is like the types package, but higher-level and contains Perkeep-specific types. It exists mostly to break circular dependencies between index, search, and schema.


Package Files

camtypes.go discovery.go errors.go search.go sign.go statustype.go


var (
    ErrClientNoServer = addCamError("client-no-server", funcStr(func() string {
        return fmt.Sprintf("" /* 190 byte string literal not displayed */, osutil.UserClientConfigPath())
    ErrClientNoPublicKey = addCamError("client-no-public-key", str("No public key configured: see 'pk-put init'."))

func Err Uses

func Err(key string) error

Err returns the error registered for key. It panics for an unregistered key.

type BlobMeta Uses

type BlobMeta struct {
    Ref  blob.Ref
    Size uint32

    // CamliType is non-empty if this blob is a Perkeep JSON
    // schema blob. If so, this is its "camliType" attribute.
    CamliType string

BlobMeta is the metadata kept for each known blob in the in-memory search index. It's kept as small as possible to save memory.

type Claim Uses

type Claim struct {
    BlobRef, Signer blob.Ref

    Date time.Time
    Type string // "set-attribute", "add-attribute", etc

    // If an attribute modification
    Attr, Value string
    Permanode   blob.Ref

    // If a DeleteClaim or a ShareClaim
    Target blob.Ref

func (*Claim) String Uses

func (c *Claim) String() string

type ClaimPtrsByDate Uses

type ClaimPtrsByDate []*Claim

func (ClaimPtrsByDate) Len Uses

func (cl ClaimPtrsByDate) Len() int

func (ClaimPtrsByDate) Less Uses

func (cl ClaimPtrsByDate) Less(i, j int) bool

func (ClaimPtrsByDate) Swap Uses

func (cl ClaimPtrsByDate) Swap(i, j int)

type ClaimsByDate Uses

type ClaimsByDate []Claim

func (ClaimsByDate) Len Uses

func (cl ClaimsByDate) Len() int

func (ClaimsByDate) Less Uses

func (cl ClaimsByDate) Less(i, j int) bool

func (ClaimsByDate) String Uses

func (cl ClaimsByDate) String() string

func (ClaimsByDate) Swap Uses

func (cl ClaimsByDate) Swap(i, j int)

type Discovery Uses

type Discovery struct {
    BlobRoot     string `json:"blobRoot"`
    JSONSignRoot string `json:"jsonSignRoot"`
    HelpRoot     string `json:"helpRoot"`
    ImporterRoot string `json:"importerRoot"`
    SearchRoot   string `json:"searchRoot"`
    StatusRoot   string `json:"statusRoot"`
    ShareRoot    string `json:"shareRoot"`

    OwnerName string `json:"ownerName"` // Name of the owner.
    UserName  string `json:"userName"`  // Name of the user.

    // StorageGeneration is the UUID for the storage generation.
    StorageGeneration string `json:"storageGeneration,omitempty"`
    // StorageGenerationError is the error that occurred on generating the storage, if any.
    StorageGenerationError string `json:"storageGenerationError,omitempty"`
    // StorageInitTime is the initialization time of the storage.
    StorageInitTime types.Time3339 `json:"storageInitTime,omitempty"`

    ThumbVersion string `json:"thumbVersion"` // Thumbnailing version.

    // AuthToken is an auth.OpAll token used by the web UI and the WebSocket.
    // It is randomly generated the first time discovery is served.
    AuthToken string `json:"authToken"`

    // HasLegacySHA1Index reports whether this server
    // contains legacy SHA-1 sums of files in its wholeref
    // index. When true, clients can additional compute the SHA-1 of
    // local files to upload to avoid uploading duplicates.
    HasLegacySHA1Index bool `json:"hasLegacySHA1Index"`

    // SyncHandlers lists discovery information about the available sync handlers.
    SyncHandlers []SyncHandlerDiscovery `json:"syncHandlers,omitempty"`
    // Signing contains discovery information for signing.
    Signing *SignDiscovery `json:"signing,omitempty"`
    // UIDiscovery contains discovery information for the UI.

Discovery is the JSON response for discovery requests.

type Edge Uses

type Edge struct {
    From      blob.Ref
    FromType  string // "permanode", "directory", etc
    FromTitle string // name of source permanode or directory
    To        blob.Ref
    BlobRef   blob.Ref // the blob responsible for the edge relationship

func (*Edge) String Uses

func (e *Edge) String() string

type EdgesToOpts Uses

type EdgesToOpts struct {
    Max int

type FileInfo Uses

type FileInfo struct {
    // FileName is the base name of the file or directory.
    FileName string `json:"fileName"`

    // Size is the size of file, or if a directory, the number of
    // its children.
    Size int64 `json:"size"`

    // MIMEType may be set for files, but never for directories.
    MIMEType string `json:"mimeType,omitempty"`

    // Time is the earliest of any modtime, creation time, or EXIF
    // original/modification times found. It may be omitted (zero)
    // if unknown.
    Time *types.Time3339 `json:"time,omitempty"`

    // ModTime is the latest of any modtime, creation time, or EXIF
    // original/modification times found. If ModTime doesn't differ
    // from Time, ModTime is omitted (zero).
    ModTime *types.Time3339 `json:"modTime,omitempty"`

    // WholeRef is the digest of the entire file contents.
    // This will be zero for non-regular files, and may also be zero
    // for files above a certain size threshold.
    WholeRef blob.Ref `json:"wholeRef,omitempty"`

FileInfo describes a file or directory.

func (*FileInfo) IsImage Uses

func (fi *FileInfo) IsImage() bool

func (*FileInfo) IsText Uses

func (fi *FileInfo) IsText() bool

func (*FileInfo) IsVideo Uses

func (fi *FileInfo) IsVideo() bool

type FileSearchResponse Uses

type FileSearchResponse struct {

    // Files maps a requested wholeRef to the files found for it. Never nil.
    Files map[string][]blob.Ref `json:"files"`

FileSearchResponse is the JSON response to a file search request.

type ImageInfo Uses

type ImageInfo struct {
    // Width is the visible width of the image (after any necessary EXIF rotation).
    Width uint16 `json:"width"`
    // Height is the visible height of the image (after any necessary EXIF rotation).
    Height uint16 `json:"height"`

ImageInfo describes an image file.

The Width and Height are uint16s to save memory in index/corpus.go, and that's the max size of a JPEG anyway. If we want to deal with larger sizes, we can use MaxUint16 as a sentinel to mean to look elsewhere. Or ditch this optimization.

type Location Uses

type Location struct {
    // Latitude and Longitude represent the point location of this blob,
    // such as the place where a photo was taken.
    // Negative values represent positions south of the equator or
    // west of the prime meridian:
    // Northern latitudes are positive, southern latitudes are negative.
    // Eastern longitudes are positive, western longitudes are negative.
    Latitude  float64 `json:"latitude"`
    Longitude float64 `json:"longitude"`

Location describes a file or permanode that has a location.

type LocationBounds Uses

type LocationBounds struct {
    North float64 `json:"north"`
    South float64 `json:"south"`
    West  float64 `json:"west"`
    East  float64 `json:"east"`

LocationBounds is a location area delimited by its fields. See Location for the fields meanings and values.

func (LocationBounds) Contains Uses

func (b LocationBounds) Contains(loc Location) bool

Contains reports whether loc is in the bounds b.

func (LocationBounds) Expand Uses

func (b LocationBounds) Expand(loc Location) LocationBounds

Expand returns a new LocationBounds nb. If either of loc coordinates is outside of b, nb is the dimensions of b expanded as little as possible in order to include loc. Otherwise, nb is just a copy of b.

func (LocationBounds) SpansDateLine Uses

func (b LocationBounds) SpansDateLine() bool

SpansDateLine reports whether b spans the antimeridian international date line.

func (LocationBounds) Width Uses

func (b LocationBounds) Width() float64

type Longitude Uses

type Longitude float64

func (Longitude) WrapTo180 Uses

func (l Longitude) WrapTo180() float64

WrapTo180 returns l converted to the [-180,180] interval.

type Path Uses

type Path struct {
    Claim, Base, Target blob.Ref
    ClaimDate           time.Time
    Suffix              string // ??

func (*Path) String Uses

func (p *Path) String() string

type PermanodeByAttrRequest Uses

type PermanodeByAttrRequest struct {
    Signer blob.Ref

    // Attribute to search. currently supported: "tag", "title"
    // If FuzzyMatch is set, this can be blank to search all
    // attributes.
    Attribute string

    // The attribute value to find exactly (or roughly, if
    // FuzzyMatch is set)
    // If blank, the permanodes with Attribute as an attribute
    // (set to any value) are searched.
    Query string

    FuzzyMatch bool // by default, an exact match is required
    MaxResults int  // optional max results

    // At, if non-zero, specifies that the attribute must have been set at
    // the latest at At.
    At  time.Time

type PublishRootDiscovery Uses

type PublishRootDiscovery struct {
    Name string `json:"name"`
    // Prefix lists prefixes belonging to the publishing root.
    Prefix []string `json:"prefix"`
    // CurrentPermanode is the permanode associated with the publishing root.
    CurrentPermanode blob.Ref `json:"currentPermanode"`

PublishRootDiscovery contains discovery information for the publish roots.

type RecentPermanode Uses

type RecentPermanode struct {
    Permanode   blob.Ref
    Signer      blob.Ref // may be zero (!Valid())
    LastModTime time.Time

func (RecentPermanode) Equal Uses

func (a RecentPermanode) Equal(b RecentPermanode) bool

type SearchErrorResponse Uses

type SearchErrorResponse struct {
    Error     string `json:"error,omitempty"`     // The error message.
    ErrorType string `json:"errorType,omitempty"` // The type of the error.

SearchErrorResponse is the JSON error response for a search request.

type ShareImportProgress Uses

type ShareImportProgress struct {
    // Assembled is whether the share being imported is for an assembled file.
    Assembled bool
    // Running is whether the import share handler is currently running an import.
    Running bool
    // FilesSeen is the number of files, children of the top directory being shared, that have been discovered so far.
    FilesSeen int
    // FilesCopied is the number of files that have already been imported during that import.
    FilesCopied int
    // BlobRef is the ref of the schema of the file or top directory being imported.
    BlobRef blob.Ref

ShareImportProgress is the state of a share importing process.

type SignDiscovery Uses

type SignDiscovery struct {
    // PublicKey is the path to the public signing key.
    PublicKey string `json:"publicKey,omitempty"`
    // PublicKeyBlobRef is the blob.Ref for the public key.
    PublicKeyBlobRef blob.Ref `json:"publicKeyBlobRef,omitempty"`
    // PublicKeyID is the ID of the public key.
    PublicKeyID string `json:"publicKeyId"`
    // SignHandler is the URL path prefix to the signing handler.
    SignHandler string `json:"signHandler"`
    // VerifyHandler it the URL path prefix to the signature verification handler.
    VerifyHandler string `json:"verifyHandler"`

SignDiscovery contains discovery information for jsonsign. It is part of the server's JSON response for discovery requests.

type StatusError Uses

type StatusError struct {
    Error string `json:"error"`
    URL   string `json:"url,omitempty"` // optional

type SyncHandlerDiscovery Uses

type SyncHandlerDiscovery struct {
    // From is the source of the sync handler.
    From string `json:"from"`
    // To is the destination of the sync handler.
    To  string `json:"to"`
    // ToIndex is true if the sync is from a blob storage to an index.
    ToIndex bool `json:"toIndex"`

SyncHandlerDiscovery contains discovery information about a sync handler. It is part of the JSON response to discovery requests.

type UIDiscovery Uses

type UIDiscovery struct {
    // UIRoot is the URL prefix path to the UI handler.
    UIRoot string `json:"uiRoot"`
    // UploadHelper is the path to the upload helper.
    UploadHelper string `json:"uploadHelper"`
    // DirectoryHelper is the path to the directory helper.
    DirectoryHelper string `json:"directoryHelper"`
    // DownloaderHelper is the path to the downloader helper.
    DownloadHelper string `json:"downloadHelper"`
    // PublishRoots lists discovery information for all publishing roots,
    // mapped by the respective root name.
    PublishRoots map[string]*PublishRootDiscovery `json:"publishRoots"`
    // MapClustering defines whether to cluster position markers on the map aspect.
    MapClustering bool `json:"mapClustering"`
    // ImportShare is the path to the share importer handler.
    ImportShare string `json:"importShare"`

UIDiscovery contains discovery information for the user interface. It is part of the JSON response to discovery requests.

type VerifyResponse Uses

type VerifyResponse struct {
    // SignatureValid is true if the signature is valid.
    SignatureValid bool `json:"signatureValid"`
    // ErrorMessage contains the error that occurred, if any.
    ErrorMessage string `json:"errorMessage,omitempty"`
    // SignerKeyId is the ID of the signing key.
    SignerKeyId string `json:"signerKeyId,omitempty"`
    // VerifiedData contains the JSON values from the payload that we signed.
    VerifiedData map[string]interface{} `json:"verifiedData,omitempty"`

VerifyResponse is the JSON response for a signature verification request.

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