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package noderefutil

import ""


Package Files

providerid.go util.go


var (
    ErrEmptyProviderID   = errors.New("providerID is empty")
    ErrInvalidProviderID = errors.New("providerID must be of the form <cloudProvider>://<optional>/<segments>/<provider id>")

func GetReadyCondition Uses

func GetReadyCondition(status *corev1.NodeStatus) *corev1.NodeCondition

GetReadyCondition extracts the ready condition from the given status and returns that. Returns nil and -1 if the condition is not present, and the index of the located condition.

func IsNodeAvailable Uses

func IsNodeAvailable(node *corev1.Node, minReadySeconds int32, now metav1.Time) bool

IsNodeAvailable returns true if the node is ready and minReadySeconds have elapsed or is 0. False otherwise.

func IsNodeReady Uses

func IsNodeReady(node *corev1.Node) bool

IsNodeReady returns true if a node is ready; false otherwise.

func IsNodeUnreachable Uses

func IsNodeUnreachable(node *corev1.Node) bool

IsNodeUnreachable returns true if a node is unreachable. Node is considered unreachable when its ready status is "Unknown".

type ProviderID Uses

type ProviderID struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ProviderID is a struct representation of a Kubernetes ProviderID. Format: cloudProvider://optional/segments/etc/id

func NewProviderID Uses

func NewProviderID(id string) (*ProviderID, error)

NewProviderID parses the input string and returns a new ProviderID.

func (*ProviderID) CloudProvider Uses

func (p *ProviderID) CloudProvider() string

CloudProvider returns the cloud provider portion of the ProviderID.

func (*ProviderID) Equals Uses

func (p *ProviderID) Equals(o *ProviderID) bool

Equals returns true if both the CloudProvider and ID match.

func (*ProviderID) ID Uses

func (p *ProviderID) ID() string

ID returns the identifier portion of the ProviderID.

func (*ProviderID) String Uses

func (p *ProviderID) String() string

String returns the string representation of this object.

func (*ProviderID) Validate Uses

func (p *ProviderID) Validate() bool

Validate returns true if the provider id is valid.

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